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The Dark Side of a Phantastic Chogokin

It’s no secret that I’m an above average (Not yet reach the fanatic state LOL) fan of the Phantasy Star series.

Starting from Phantasy Star Online many, many years ago, I’ve since conquered the multiple worlds of Phantasy Star Universe series as well as my current fave MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2

Some moons back just after AFAMY12, I’ve managed to acquire a Chogokin RAcaseal, one of the best rendition of the lovely pink female Cast within the Phantasy Star Online series, so far.

Guess who’ll make a second coming, albeit in an alternate colour variation?

With her PO just opened yesterday, Chogokin RAcaseal (Black version) is basically just a black repaint of the original Chogokin RAcaseal.

Unlike her predecessor tho, RAcaseal (Black) lacks the massive number of weaponry and other accessories but instead comes with this lovely Madame no Amakasa in both opened and closed form.

A super cute and wide-faced Shato Mag (Also featured in PSO2! I have one for my in-game chara too!) accompanies her inher journey too… :3c

An exchangeable head part to become Shino (An NPC in PSO, an assistant to the legendary Hunter named Miyama Zoke) is provided with the package as well.

Her meager weapon roster includes the katana Agito and twin guns.

Like Chogokin RAcaseal however, Black will still have the display base (With Section IDs), multiple pairs of hands and the word bubble with stand… Of course the stickers are still there!

She’ll be released in March by next year at 6,825 yen. She is unfortunately limited to the Tamashii Web Store and you will only be able to acquire her there…

I’m still deciding whether should I acquire her or not, but the main question remains: Where’s my Chogokin Lisa/Risa from PSO2? :P


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