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An Invitation to The Teens

Last weekend spanning across both days, a graduation exhibition for a local design studio was held within an abandoned local shopping mall in conjunction with the Lost Gospel Cosplay Club…

During the event entitled “The Teens”, a cosplay competition and many ACG shinanigans will be held… ^_^

As a guest exhibitor, I was invited to be part of the event by none other than my own pal for many years, Donny Choo-san!

To my surprise, he is part of the LGCC and a cosplayer in the event too! 0_0

Eventho the exhibition is the key to this event since T2O Studio is the main organiser, the cosplay competition and the rest of ACG related stuffs totally dominated the place, becoming the central attraction of the 2-day event.

Exhibition booths showcasing the finest works by the graduating batch of the T20 Studio students aside, everyone else were more drawn towards the far side of the halls, where several booths displaying and/or selling ACG goods situated…

Them displaying figures of various calibres from Figma to Nendo to scaled figures and many others! :3c

I did mentioned I was invited to the event as a guest exhibitor, no? XDc

Yes, me and my local InnovaDDoushi were given a couple of table’s space to display our musume in pride! ^_^

And of course Tama-chan tags along, doing her best impression of Okita Sawa’s cell phone “hayaku” portraiting from Tari Tari! XDc

And of course, the cosplayers themselves! Only a handful of them showed up tho, given the underwhelming numbers of the cosplaying community on my island, this is already an impressive sight… ^~^

Honourable mentions are everyone’s waifu lately, Asuna from Sword Art Online and also Persona 4’s Chie. And a different coloured Victorique from Gosick.

Quite an enjoyable event I must say, managed to get acquainted with many attending InnovaDDoushi and reacquainted with a visiting long-lost childhood friend of many years too! XDc

ACG really does bring us all together… Sieg Otakuism!

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