Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Ticketing of AFA12

A brief update on the upcoming AFA12!

Less than a Moon until the big day itself and my annual trip to the South! XDc

The ticketing info is upped on the main site: SGD 8 for Festival Access and SGD 20 for Festival + Stage Access for each day.

Seems like the Stage Access gets SGD 2 more expensive… 0_0

Anyways, the 1st option allows you to visit the exhibition and merchandise area while the 2nd grants you access to the stage events full of appearances of seiyuu and special talks on the anime industry…

On another note, Danny-san updated his tweet stating the Culture:Japan Night will be held on the day after AFA12 Day 2, as usual…

The above picchu was from the CJN during AFA11… :3c

More info coming soon…


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