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Dreamy Outfits for the 10th Moon

Unveiled during the September issue of Volks News, which incidentally doubled up as the 50th Volume since its publication, there will be an event this coming 20th… ^_~

Besides the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event., the October New Outfit Collection will be made available on Volks Website Store as well.

Expect rotsa InnovaDDoushi and campers to fight against one another for a chance to land some of these raburi raburi merchandise onto their musume’s hands… :3c

Kawaii fuku by Tenshi-no-Koromo (Dollfie Dream)…

More outfit from Tenshi-no Koromo (Dollfie Dream Dynamite) and Dollfie World Cup x Chibi Dress (Yo Super Dollfie)…

Some victorian styled outfits by LPC Black Label (Super Dollfie)

Socks by LPC Blue Label (Super Dollfie/Dollfie Dream)…

And finally various foot wears from Shoes Boutique…

As mentioned by Tama-chan last time, Tama-chan had set Tama-chan’s eyes upon the beautiful Stylish Maid Set (Peach).

Good thing Goshujin-sama have already in the process of arranging a bulk order along with Goshujin-sama’s InnovaDDoushi to get Tama-chan the Maid set… ^_^

On another note, the line-up for the Xenosaga III x Dollfie Dream project has been decided! 

Not surprisingly, DDDy Kos-Mos ver. 4 and DD M.O.M.O. will make their début! There’ll be rotsa optional weaponry and accessories for Kos-Mos and MOMO sold separately too!

Too bad there aren’t any more info on the duo for now…

Expect more announcement and prototype shots from Volks soon tho!


2 responses

  1. These outfits are really wonderful. I am planning to get something designed for myself based on these.

    20th December, 2012 at 18:36

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