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The Star of a Phantastic Chogokin

Perhaps my longest backlog yet… ^^;

Actually acquired this beauty from Moons ago and went ahead to snap some piccies the immediate weekend, but laziness and various other external issues prevented my commitment to prepare a review post or sort for this lovely action figure… orz

Released back in just sometime after AFAMY12, Chogokin RAcaseal is one of the better rendition of a chara within the Phantasy Star Online series in figure form… Especially one with good articulations and all!

There are several plamo released before her but them quality aren’t as detailed as this one! :3c Besides, as a plamo you’re required to do the finishing touches and painting yourself…

Chogokin RAcaseal is based upon an NPC named Elenor Camuel in the MMORPG by Sega, Phantasy Star Online (And Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst) from early 21st century.

She is a synthetic construct aka android appeared during one of the early mission/quest of the game itself, and has the ability to communicate with Mags.

She is also a base model for players choosing to become a Ranger class female Cast, with the ability to customise the overall colour scheme as well as choosing from several different types of head parts for player uniqueness.

Back to the Chogokin… Tightly packed within a rather small recycled card box, the package offers no display window much akin to the likes of its counterparts like Figma or Revoltech, so one could not admire the figure itself without actually unbox her.

Upon sliding out the contents however, you could find a trio of neatly packed layers of plastic trays holding RAcaseal and all her accessories in place.

There’s also a sheet of seal stickers sporting a rather glossy finish as well as a simple instruction sheet included.

True to her Chogokin root, the 1st thing I noticed upon unloading RAcaseal-chan from her plastic prison is her rather firm weight.

There are several points in her body that are made outta die-cast parts: her shoulders, abdomen, pelvis, connectors of her skirt and ribbon, shin guards, feet as well as her various articulated joints…

The promised panchira shot as seen in many of her promotional shots… Kyaa, ecchi!

LitteredBlessed with oh so many articulated points (as expected of an action figure), RAcaseal can pose really well and naturally.

She’s also able to stand by her feet without any additional support stand due to her mass, although a display stand is included with the box…

RAcaseal comes with heap loads of accessories, all of them weapons or items found within the online game itself.

Eventho as a Ranger, RAcaseal can wield Saber for mêlée as well, unlike the restriction introduced in its sequel, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Oh yes, I played as a RAcaseal in PSO and PSO2, altho you can change your class any time in the latter…

As a Ranger, RAcaseal wields guns to battle, such as this rare Crimson Handgun…

…and this large Rifle.

Notice the yellow bits under the barrel? That’s the Photon part, a sorta energy used a ammo for the Rifle itself…

You can interchange the yellow Photon part with an optional Blue Photon part included.

This Chogokin comes with 2 Mags: the standard starter Mag and the high-level Elenor Mag, which resembles floating wings on RAcaseal herself.

Mags are support unit that can help improving your attributes and helps around during combat by attacking and/or healing its master. It’s also the key to unleashing the powerful Photon Blast.

The Mags are fixed into place using clear support parts mounted on her back.

There’s also a display base resembling the magical summon circle thingie as seen in the game, with 3 section ID emblem chips (Installed separately) attached.

The coloured emblems on the chips are actually stickers from the seal sheet mentioned earlier, so you can choose the IDs you prefer and stick them on by yourself.

What can an online game be without loot drops?

There are a total of Six Meseta Caches and an Item Box are given along with support base to simulate their floating appearance.

There’s also a Container which you’ll have to assemble using six separated panels that can hold and/or store all the accessories in place.

There’s also a word/dialogue bubble thingie given along with its stand but I doubt they’ll be any use at all, although the seal stickers sheet does contain many chat words that are meant to be placed onto the panel…

Hopefully Bandai will release yet another Chogokin RAcaseal, but this time it’s the yandere-ish Lisa/Risa from PSO2! :P


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