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A Journal of Dreamy Doll(fies)

Since last Saturday, InnovaDDo with subscription to Volks News infozine has been flooding the interwebs with discussions and speculations of the upcoming outfits and new DD related items from the latest September issue of Volks News Vol. 50. ^_~

Seems like these lovely merchandise will be available during the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event…

Tama-chan has set Tama-chan’s eyes upon a single pinkish outfit that Tama-chan must get Tama-chan’s hands on. Tama-chan wonder if Goshujin-sama will get one for Tama-chan? :3c

In a follow-up to the version 2.0 of the DD standard models, Yukino and Aoi, a trio of new standard models will be introduced to the family, each from different category of body types that are Mini Dollfie Dream (MDD) Rena, Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) Mayu and Dollfie Dream Dynamite (DDDy) Miko.

Each of them comes with their own DDH and wig, as well as a white undergarment… All of them utilise the Version 3.0 inner frame system introduced over the past moons…

RoriRena-chan kawaii!!!!! *>,<*

Each of these standard DD models will be available to potential adoption with a fee of 42,000 yen each, with the exception of Rena at 39,000 yen…

On another note, the below is the pink outfit that caught Tama-chan’s foxy eyes… The retro Japanese styled waitress uniform!

Nadeshiko Maid Set (The navy long one) and Haikara Maid Set (The peach pink short one) are priced at 7,500 yen each and will fit on all musume of body shape and bust size (Except MDD of course!).

Elsewhere, seems like Volks finally updated their DD Stand by integrating functions and gimmicks from obviously Obitsu’s Multi Stand (Large)

The versatility of the new stand allows an InnovaDDo to customise and interchange the option parts much like Obitsu’s, creating variants like knee-grabber type stand, standard hips-grabber stand or even saddle-type stand!

There are also optional parts for sale separately: DD Stand Use Arm Set, DD Stand Use Simple Base and DD Stand Use Cross Base.

The DD Stand is priced at 3,800 yen each, while them option parts will be 2,800 yen, 1,200 yen and 1,200 yen respectively.

That’s not all…!

After the success of Type-Moon x Volks collaboration, there’s going to be another web order project, this time Xenosaga III x Dollfie Dream!

Could it be a DDDy Kos-Mos Version 4? Or will it be T-elos? Shion and MOMO also a possibility! Let your speculations go wild! XDc

Of course these aren’t the only ones available! Here are the rest of the pages for your eye feast… :P

All these info courtesy of Wolfheinrich, a fellow veteran InnovaDDo known to Goshujin-sama… ^_~


7 responses

  1. dang, the price. T_T. I just thought of buying something for my neemo caster….
    Just wondering how much have you spent on tama-chan alone?

    10th September, 2012 at 14:26

    • Enough to buy several DDs… orz That’s the main reason I cut down on Plamo and Figma/Nendo…

      Neemo Caster is 1/6 BTW, these outfits are 1/3…

      10th September, 2012 at 16:53

      • really?….. then where would you suggest I find some accessories for her?

        11th September, 2012 at 14:28

        • Amiami and HS have rotsa 1/6 outfits and accessories from Azone…

          11th September, 2012 at 19:31

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