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Puella Magi Aqua Tama-chan

Released in limited quantities during the Home Town Dolls Party Sendai (And After Event) last moon, I’ve eyed with my keen eagle sight upon the Magical Aqua Dress set, immediately registered my entry to the Volks’ notorious lottery system that will allow me to purchase the selected item if I win.

Unfortunately, due to my usual Otaku Jinx active skill, I’ve lost my bid, putting me in the chasm of zetsubou… D:

Had to scour far and wide for an alternate way to obtain the outfit, but Y!JA is totally outta my financial league due to proxy fees and double shipping fees, not to mention average price of the outfit on auction is at 12k yen minimum!!

Good thing Dollfie World have some in stock, albeit priced at 50% more expensive than its original pricing, it’s still much affordable than the Y!JA option… 0_0

Tama-chan trying on the new dress even as I type out this entry… XDc

The dress set comes with a white shirt with yellow ribbon, the blue knee-length skirt, a hat, an over-shoulder hooded mantle, a white pansuto and a pair of boots.

Tama-chan seemed to try to replicate the pose from Assassin’s Creed series but alas the hood is quite small that it only managed to cover the back of her head… ^^;

And of course the hooded mantle is removable… :3c

Really love how she looks without the mantle… ^_^

Anyway these are the only photos I managed to take before Tama-chan stormed outta my den proclaiming herself as Puella Magi Aqua Tama and how she’ll save the world…

BRB got an excited kitsune to catch!


5 responses

  1. Not bad for the dress. For night shots, i’ll suggest getting 2 led lamp and light up the sides. Front flash doesn’t bring out the colors.

    9th September, 2012 at 19:15

    • Thanks for the suggestion, will try out next shoot… :3c

      10th September, 2012 at 05:27

  2. Aya-chan

    Ah, she looks cute in blue too.

    10th September, 2012 at 10:23

  3. She looks … really… healthy here O AO)/

    13th September, 2012 at 23:44

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