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Tama-chan hasn’t been quite active these past few Moons, due to certain upgrades she’s been slowly getting part-by-part… :3c

Had her undergone a retinal surgery just a few days ago, Tama-chan received an eyeful of boost in her visual department..^_~

The custom 22mm doll eyes are once again thanks to the magnificent craftsmanship of Ersa Flora, the same place where Tama-chan’s first pair of eyes were manufactured as well…

Due to her heaps of backlogs and postponement, version 2.0 only reached me a trio of weeks ago after a couple of Moons of delay… XDc

As a token of apology, Shelly-san made 5 more extra (sorta) duplicates of the original pair, making it a total of seven half-domes I received when I got my parcel… That’s quite overkill truth to be told.. ^o^;

Version 2.0 sports a rather lovely metallic shine finish in the iris part unlike the flatness of colour on version 1.0 that makes them rather yandere lookin’, as commented by many InnovaDDo who’ve met Tama-chan in person before… orz

I spoke too soon… D:

Anyways, beside an eyeful of upgrade, I’ve also managed to grab some goodies from Hong Kong Dolls Party which happened last Moon.

Thanks to a certain InnovaDDo who’ve acted as a surrogate proxy, allowing me to do on-the-spot surveying and purchasing thru his eyes…

Got this custom headset, china dress/Cheong Sam and the parasol for quite a bargain, when compared to most prices out there…

Tama-chan insisted that a fan-service shot to be provided by her… ^^;

My foxy waifu can’t be this naughty!

Got this custom-made shifuku for Tama-chan some time before HKDP, from a Chinese eBay-like online site called AliExpress

The outfit was originally meant for an SD, but you can ask the seamstress for adjustment and colour change by adding some extra fees…

On another note, Tama-chan will enrol into Tsukumihara Academy by next spring!

Eventho it’s still too early, she can’t help but get so excited trying on her new sailor fuku!

‘Til next time! X3c


13 responses


    5th August, 2012 at 21:13

    • Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~~~~~~~~~

      6th August, 2012 at 10:31

  2. Cute Tama-chan in sailor fuku is Cute! xD

    6th August, 2012 at 14:29

  3. chibinezumi

    LOVE the new eyes! Tama-chan looks amazingly cute now! (^_^)b

    6th August, 2012 at 20:16

    • Hope the spares I’ve sent to you help your girl(s?) lookin’ gorgeous… XDc

      7th August, 2012 at 16:50

  4. Hi there

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost for the custom eyes including the postage to Malaysia?

    I’ve been thinking about getting custom eyes for my girls and Tama-chan’s eyes look gorgeous =3c

    14th November, 2012 at 20:51

    • I got mine from Ersa Flora (…

      Each pair usually costs about USD 16 + USD 3.75 shipping…

      Ask Shelly for quotation tho, prices may vary.

      14th November, 2012 at 21:36

      • Thanks ^‿‿^

        One more question, how long did it take to arrive?

        14th November, 2012 at 21:39

        • Usually 2 weeks +…

          Then again you know local Postal Dudes…

          14th November, 2012 at 22:13

          • yeah.. local post dudes are kinda scary at times …

            But thanks for the info =3
            I think I’l b contacting the person to get some customs eyes =)

            14th November, 2012 at 22:30

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