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I find my lack of post lately disturbing… orz

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busily absorbed into the world of PSO2, a sort of sequel to the 1st Phantasy Star Online, a 3rd person action online RPG.

Entering the later stage of the Open Beta last Moon just after AFAMY12, I find myself almost instantly drawn into this game, spending a majority of my staple anime-viewing time and rest hours in order to further level up my chara.

I’ve never been such a dedicated MMORPGer, not since Ragnarok Online during my high school years…

The “plot” as shown from the game’s English site:

Embark on an endless journey through the galaxy …!

Home to three species – the Humans, the Newman, and the CAST – the fleet known as “Oracle” continues its journey across the vast expanse of interstellar space between inhabitable worlds. When it first became possible for this fleet to travel beyond the reaches of our galaxy, a new history was born.

In the year 283 of the New Light, “Oracle” traversed numerous galaxies and discovered countless worlds.

In the far reaches of outer space, groups known as “Arks” were set up to explore and research newly discovered planets. Their purpose was to move from one planet to another, helping to build and advance the infrastructures of civilization.

Seeking new adventure and new opportunity, different Arks work together in order to explore the depths of space and discover what may be waiting.
Now, as new Arks set off to explore unknown regions of space, a new journey begins…

PSO2 offers a rather detailed and impressive chara creator, of which you can tweak and adjust things from eyes size and body thickness to height and accessories.

As a result, one can witness a galore of beautiful and many hilarious charas created by other players all over the game, especially at the lobby where you’ll socialise with others, take up quests, Client Orders and shopping for costumes and equipment. XDc

PSO2 features 3 distinct species with different stats: Human, Newman and CAST.

Humans are your average Jack-of-all-trades, balanced in most stats and are able to perform admirably in all the different classes (Hunter the brawler, Ranger the marksman, Force the support) offered.

Newmans are the elves of PSO2 world with pointy ears and weaker physiques when compared to other species. They are more suitable to be the magician/sorcerer/support class of Force.

CASTs are mecha beings with high affinity as a Ranger or Hunter due to their precision and fighting abilities. While they are able to choose to learn the ways of the Force, they are rather weak in it.

New to the series, a player now trains in all the available classes separately and switch between them at will with the help of an NPC at the lobby, instead of your usual localised player-based leveling system as seen in many other MMORPGs.

Each class uses different categories of weaponry: For Hunters, they can be equipped with Swords, Wire Lances, Partisans; Rangers carry Assault Rifles or Launchers; Forces wield Rods or Talis. All classes can utilise Gun Slashes, which can switch between Gun mode and Sword mode.

For most parts, PSO2 is an F2P (Free to Play) online game. Its premium (Paid) contents like seller’s My Shops, My Room, special expanded storage slots and many special items are available by spending AC (Arks Cash) of which you can purchase using your real money for an AC per yen…

I’ve wasted about 6,000 AC in order to do AC scratches (Gachapon style lucky draw system, 500 AC per scratch) to get that elegant looking Aqua Wedding Dress, instead I ended up with 4 outfits meant for Male Human/Newman and a Rappy Kigurumi as well as an extra Lobby Action.

Devastated and not willing to waste more of my hard-earned cash, I’d resorted to use the My Shop system (Buyers aren’t require to have premium account, thank goodness…) to buy one for 360,000 Meseta (The official in-game currency)…

There’s been an incident happened about a week ago, where some hackers managed to illegally reposition some of them NPCs (than their intended site) around the lobby, causing mass confusion amongst the community.

Luckily the authority was alerted to the event and an emergency maintenance to patch the hole…

Currently there are 4 different types of areas to explore, with a 5th one just implemented into the game via a patch today: Forest, Volcanic Caves, Desert, Tundra and the newly added Underground Tunnels.

While you are challenged by the likes of local animals and monsters unique to each areas, the dangerous Darkers spawned all across the place, spicing up your quest hunts…

The game encourages forming parties of 4 instead of solo-ing them quests on your own, with many perks like PSE burst happens only at the Multiparty areas of a quest where up to 3 parties of 4 can meet up and fight together.

By meeting various colourful casts of NPCs throughout the game, you’ll learn the lore and story of PSO2 thru trigger events and Story Quests, as well as progressing thru the Matter Board.

Note that many notable anime seiyuu (Iguchi “Araragi Tsukihi” Yuka, Sato “Tainaka Ritsu” Satomi, Hikasa “Akiyama Mio” Youko, Asumi “Nyalko” Kana, etc…) lend their unique voices to the game too… :3c

Amongst them all, Risa the yandere CAST Ranger stood out de to her rather perky voice over (CV: Hanazawa Kana, as well as her obsession with GUNS. 0_0

My chara, ユナモン, is in Ship 2 and usually lurks in Block 20-26. Do find and add me if you’re in Ship 2 too. I also belongs to the Team “Blue Devils”, consisting of comrades from Twittersphere…

Please excuse me while I go rodeo-ing with some Malmoths and hunting some Snow Banthers… :3c

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  1. sasuga yunam0n! awesome coverage of PSO2! XD

    18th July, 2012 at 18:37

    • Join us! We have roris!

      19th July, 2012 at 05:50

      • tempted to try.currently downloading it. another 6 more hours to go! Eh! but tomorrow I’m going back to my hometown in Kedah T_T …rori~chan tachi..matte kudasai! -_-;

        19th July, 2012 at 13:59

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