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Summit of a Cosplay World

Some time during early last week, I was forwarded an alert by a helpful comrade about a cosplay gathering that will happen on my island, which I’m not really aware off.

After some thought, I’ve decided to drag my lazy self to attend this World Cosplay Summit Malaysia 2012, of which a prelim will be held to select a representative to attend the actual WCS later the year…

Set during 1300 hours until 1700 hours on last Saturday and Sunday, I’d only attended the event on the second day, which is the actual prelim judging date. Seems like the one the day before is just a rehearsal for the competing teams, as per another attending comrade reported.

I was an hour late to the event itself too due to lunch hour with my family, when I arrived it seems that two team have already done their skit. I was quite surprised at the number of cosplayers turned up, rarely do you see such numbers on any of the known cosplaying event held on my island before. I even recognised some of them from AFAMY12!

Running around the place setting up ambushes on unsuspecting cosplayers, I’ve actually strayed from the competition itself, to focus upon the hunt… :3c

The event ended somewhat earlier, about an hour before the slated closing time.

Had to retreat immediately after that due to mild exhaustion from the hot weather and all, with victorious catches in hand in the form of my camera’s memory card… GLORIOUS! XDc

BTW the winning team is the one cosplaying as Raiden and Metal Gear REX from the Metal Gear Solid series…

Some musume graced the event too, but unfortunately I was too focused upon the trill of the hunt itself I failed to track their whereabouts.

It appears there’s also a local InnovaDDo gathering going on near the site as well…

Oh well, perhaps Tama-chan will join them next time they have an outing… :3c


6 responses

  1. Nice coverage yunamon! >_<

    4th July, 2012 at 01:07

    • Not much coverage done at all due to setting up traps and all… ^o^;

      4th July, 2012 at 13:51

  2. ひどいです、ご主人様!Why didn’t Goshujin-sama bring Tama-chan along!? /ppui

    4th July, 2012 at 14:08

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