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Escape Plan of an Extra Fate

Thanks to a fellow kitsune-loving comrade, Goshujin-sama managed to steal a read of a couple ‘o’ scanned pages from the latest Famitsu issue, revealing more info on the postponed Fate/Extra CCC, set to be released later the year…

CCC is akin to a Heaven’s Feel route of the original Fate/Extra. As what we’ve been told thus far, some sort of error caused the perversion of the Mooncell’s SE.RA.PH., trapping you and the rest of the Masters inside a retro Tsukumihara Academy…

Many familiar faces make a return to CCC, including the silent Rani as well as the noble Leonardo, altho their roles have slightly differ from the original.

For example: Rin is back but she is no longer a Hacker as what she was in the original game, but a full fledge Master this time. Shinji is now a skilled Wizard working along with the Student Council to try to escape this mess…

As with the previous game, you can choose between Bridal Saber, Biker Archer, Bondage Caster or the newly added King of Kings Gilgamesh as your Servant.

Why is Gil not referred to with his class title you ask? Too bad us lowly mongrels won’t be able to comprehend the decision behind this… XDc 


9 responses

  1. bondage caster? I’d prefer if they call her goth caster.

    29th June, 2012 at 10:02

    • I don’t remember gothic wears have those perfect binding straps…

      29th June, 2012 at 10:19

      • well… bondage seems a bit… you know… >_<;
        But most of her is not 'bound', the small hat, the black frilly cloth just spells goth in my head…

        1st July, 2012 at 21:17

        • Wahaha I get you~! :P

          4th July, 2012 at 13:52

  2. Yuan Mori

    I’d say ‘Magician’ is the look they’re going for with Caster. The binding straps remind me of the magicians who tie themselves up and ‘magically’ escape.

    3rd July, 2012 at 06:52

  3. and caster is always healthy… > 3>

    6th July, 2012 at 00:01

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