Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

The Day After AFAMY12

Set on the last floor just across the Tokyo Street district of Pavilion, Danny-san organised the Culture:Japan Night after the end of AFAMY12

The Japanese Restaurant just in front of the venue, Tonkatsu, provided us with bottomless green tea beverages and a timed sushi buffet or sort during the course of the night…

I’ve managed to arrive at the site sometime after 1500 hours that day, intending to stroll around for a bit. However I managed to bump into Wifey-san and comrade WiseFreeman, whom happened to be at Tokyo Street for a walk as well… XDc

It appeared they were severely underhanded, and the preparation for CJN have not progressed well. Thus once again I volunteered as a partial crew member to help the staffs with… stuffs… ^^;

After what seemed to be an eternity later, we managed to get on with our schedule, altho there’re still minor adjustments to be made…

On the other hand, many comrades have started to flood the area, all awaiting to get registered and enter the designated event area… :3c Just look at them queue!

This served as the main area of the CJN, with many comrades gathered to socialise and mingle with one another… It was set to emulate the feel of a cocktail party, with waiter and waitresses of Tonkatsu go around the place with trays of drinks and foods for the guests…

This is the VIP table, where honoured guests like Dato’ Jimmy Choo will be seated… :3c

Far at the end of the CJN area are several tables prepared specifically for figure display, seen here are InnovaDDo comrades busying themselves at preparing their musume for the night ahead…

And the CJN officially started!

Danny-san moved to address the attending comrades and soon started his autograph session…

The session lasted for the duration of the CJN with far and few breaks along the way! Such dedication!

The crowd’s getting thicker and thicker, but fortunately the event space is expandable, allowing more space to be freed upon at will, unlike the tiny space that is AKB48 Cafe

We were treated with Anisongs from Guilty Gear, Macross Frontier and such by talented comrade singers~!

There’s even a couple of PS3s set up with Street Fighter vs Tekken to cater gamer comrades!

A handful of Layers showed up as well, most notable them Suenage Mirai trio!

And Iron-Man too! He sure love to attend parties!

Moekana karuta card battles rage on! It’s surprisingly addictive to watch and/or play!

Elsewhere, the display tables are up and running, fully decorated with figures, Figma, Nendo, Dollfie Dreams and others… XD

As a finale, us InnovaDDos gathered for a group shot…

And CJN ended with rotsa comrades still lingers around refusing to leave! In the end we stayed until about 2300 hours + before the last of us finally decided to go home… ^^;

Overall a wonderful but exhausting night for me. Met up with many comrades shom I’ve lost contact over the moons…

If there’s one con I must point out it’s the Tankatsu’s inability to satiate comrades’ hungers. I heard many were unable to grab noms for themselves, especially those situated at the far end of the event space (Display tables)! I myself only managed to grab a small onigiri and a couple of pieces of bread as well. Caterers really shouldn’t underestimate the number of CJN guests! >,<

Anyways lookin’ forward to the end of year’s AFA12 CJN!


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  1. spotted me in the queue..hehe XP

    17th June, 2012 at 00:18

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