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The Dreamy Dollfies of AFAMY12

Albeit still slight in the growth of the community, Volks Dollfie Dream 1/3 dolls see constant increase of popularity over the past few years, a straight evidence from during AFAX when KKnM was kind enough to sponsor a display booth welcoming visiting musume of InnovaDDo to join in…

In AFA11, the musume-tachi saw a much bigger exposure with several InnovaDDo banded up to secure a booth from the organisers…

This was also the 1st début of Tama-chan in an ACG event! XDc

Although no as grand as previous years in Singapore’s AFA, InnovaDDo who’ve attended AFAMY12 are by no mean few in numbers.

Eventho there’s a lack of a proper display booth for us InnovaDDo, some of them managed to steal the spotlight of an open area just in front of the MMK Cafe x Atelier Royale. This was on Day 01…

Tama-chan managed to join her brethren for some time in the Noon, but had to return to accompany me in guarding the Culture:Japan booth… ^^;

On Day 02 however, some of my co-comrades managed to get the green light from Danny-san on setting an extra table for display of our musume!

Now we have a dedicated area to let our girls shine! A pity tho that some of them InnovaDDo from Day 01 has already went back to their hometown, unable to join us on that day…

Let’s not forget about them little ones, ne?

Not surprisingly, everyone’s loving our raburi raburi musume-tachi! <3

Just look at them snapping away with their lenses!

Nyan nyan Ranka-chan couldn’t resist their charm too! XD

That concludes the Dollfie Dream part for both days…

Coverage on incredible CospLayers up next!


7 responses

  1. Tamachan is so pretty here Q AQ)a

    15th June, 2012 at 01:55

  2. Yuan Mori

    So many darling dolls! I still want a DD sometime, maybe I should sell one of my resin dolls…

    15th June, 2012 at 03:50

    • Unlimited Installment Works is your answer! :3c

      16th June, 2012 at 12:53

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