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The Setup of AFAMY12

A very early in the morning on the day before my first local pilgrimage, I headed towards the terminal on my island along with Tama-chan to catch a ride down South to the very site.

Nice breezy wind and clear weather ahead, I’m really lookin’ forward to enjoy my ride to Malaysia’s 1st ever Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012. Everything seems perfectly in order or so I thought…

Sticking to our original plan with minor changes of details, upon reaching Kuala Lumpur my buddies and I boarded the city’s Light Railway Transit train towards the station decided beforehand to drop off our excess baggage to allow freedom of movement the rest of the day…

Here comes the 1st jinx of the day: We got onto the wrong train that takes us to another line, veering off course from our intended destination. Twice. ^^;

Fortunately we were able to undo our mistake by alighting at the next station upon realisation and took a returning train back to a previous point where the train line starts to split.

Even as precious time wasted upon our stupidity for not checking our course carefully, we’ve managed to reach PWTC (The site where AFAMY12 is held) safe and sound, it wasn’t long before we found our way to the entrance…

Since this is the day before the actual event itself, the exhibitors were hard at work in setting up their respective booth. Earlier I half-jokingly asked comrade WiseFreeman for a slight tour around the exhibition area, but I was offered this instead… XDc

Of course I couldn’t refuse such an honour! Besides… a comrade in need is a comrade in deed!

Unfortunately, our work doesn’t start until the printed display items are ready and delivered to our booth, so I took this opportunity to have a look at the making of one of the most anticipated local ACG event of the year…

This is the booth I’ll be working on for the course of the event… Oh yes, it’s Danny Choo’s Culture:Japan booth, how can I refuse! XDc

The Mirai Itasha belongs to a Singaporean comrade who’ll be part of the crew I’m to work with on the setup of the booth. I’m to help around the booth alongside a quad of Singaporean volunteers (Including the owner of the Itasha mentioned earlier), with me seemed to be the only Malaysian volunteer so far… 0_0

Good Smile Mirai, rivals that of the famous Monalisa… XDc

Kitsune Mirai is fine too! =^o^=

The rest of the hall… All of them still work-in-progress…

Raburi raburi installation prints of various anime series!

Right next to the exhibition hall is the Stage event area where special panels and the Anisong concert will be held… It is quite huge when compared to Singapore Suntec’s!

Looks like Danny-san is rehearsing with SP Cats on stage… I better not disturb their efforts… ^~^

Still no sign of our cue to start the setup yet, and the clock’s ticking closer to the Preview Event which is held at Plaza Low Yat some distance away.With the help of comrade WiseFreeman so I won’t get lost in the maze of the city’s many roads and lanes, I’m offered to be ferried towards the destination along Danny-san!

This was what I saw while we passed along the way to Plaza Low Yat on a transport with me, Danny-san, Wifey-san as well as his local assistant-san!

While Danny headed back to his hotel (Which is situated just on the other side of Plaza Low Yat) for a brief rest before the start of the Preview Event, I went straight into the place in search for the event site… Took me some time but finally located the stage area just outside… ^^;

There were already rotsa comrades camping at the area!

The queue line for the early ticket sales seemed long too!

A few InnovaDDo brought their musume along too!

A mini photo-shoot session broke out soon just at the back of the stage area… XDc

After some delays, the Preview Event finally kicked in!

Danny-san on stage to emcee the thing!

Shawn-san, the mastermind behind AFA officially announced the upcoming AFAIndo12, which falls on 1st and 2nd September!

Coming up next were a series of guest appearances!

1st stop: Kaname, Demon Huntress Tasha and Dat Kuroneko Miyuko!

The artistes for Day 01 Anisong Concert: AimiKalafina and Kurosaki Maon.

Up next: Bishoujo meido from MMK Cafe and ikemen butlers of Atelier Royale!

The artistes for Day 02 Anisong Concert: FLOW, KOTOKO and Sea☆A.

Lastly, Yoshimi and Danny… XDc

That ends the Preview Event, but the day’s not done yet! Heading back to PWTC with my buddies expecting to help out with the setup, I found no one on site at all… Upon confirmation it seemed the items have yet to arrive so I was urged to return to my lodge for the day…

And a second disaster strikes… Returning to the nearest LRT station hoping to ride our way back has met up with a certain malfunction on the station’s line, but it was still working some time earlier!!!

Given no choice, we spent precious time to walk our way to the second nearest public transport (The Monorail) line so we could get home… ^^; Good thing each of the different lines are inter-connected that could still bring us back to our intended destination… Such a hassle!

Anyways that ends Day 00. The true excitement comes on the next day!!!


6 responses

  1. An AFA in Indonesia? Ooooh, Master might wanna hear about this.

    o wo)

    13th June, 2012 at 10:50

    • Brace yourself, keep in check and mark your calendar, AFA is coming your way!

      16th June, 2012 at 12:55

  2. Nice coverage Yunamon! XD

    13th June, 2012 at 10:55

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