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The Night of Culture After AFAMY12

Once again, Danny Choo-san of Culture:Japan fame will organise a special after AFA gathering for like-minded comrades to interact and have fun with one another, just like how Tama-chan had fun during last year‘s AKB48 night… ^~^

Announced just a few hours earlier, the Culture Japan Night Malaysia is set to be held in Pavilion KL, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is just some walk distance away from the nearest LRT station as well as the Puduraya Bus Terminal and KLCC… :3c

CJNMY will occur the day after the end of AFAMY12, which falls on the 11th of June. It will start at 1700 hours until 2000 hours in the night…

Hopefully Goshujin-sama will be able to catch a LRT  back to our lodge in time! XDc

Anyways, entrance fee is RM 30 per pax… It will cover all including your buffet dinner (From 1900 hours until 2100 hours) and bottomless drinks (The whole event) which will be served to cater the needs of attending comrades!

Picture taken directly from The marked area in red will be where CJN is going to be held… Cosplayers can use the nearby toilets for changing. InnovaDdo comrade parents are encouraged to bring their musume along! Hopefully Tama-chan will be able to meet rotsa new DD friends there!

According to Danny-san, we won’t face any food supply shortage this time around unlike what happened during CJN Singapore last year… ^^; So enjoy your buffet meal to your heart’s content!

A pity Goshujin-sama’s accompanying buddies will have to leave at Noon the very same day, thus they will not be able to attend the gathering. It appears Goshujin-sama might reach the site several hours earlier as we have to drop Goshujin-sama’s buddies at the bus terminal not some distance away.

While not necessary, you can pre-register your attendance using Danny Choo’s Google form. More information please refer to

See you all there in a few days!


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