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Escape Plan of an Extra Fate

Thanks to a fellow kitsune-loving comrade, Goshujin-sama managed to steal a read of a couple ‘o’ scanned pages from the latest Famitsu issue, revealing more info on the postponed Fate/Extra CCC, set to be released later the year…

CCC is akin to a Heaven’s Feel route of the original Fate/Extra. As what we’ve been told thus far, some sort of error caused the perversion of the Mooncell’s SE.RA.PH., trapping you and the rest of the Masters inside a retro Tsukumihara Academy…



Them Booty of AFAMY12

A couple of weeks have passed since AFAMY12, I have yet to categorise my acquisitions from then due to so many happening in the period: Post AFA Syndrome aka minor fever x failure to readjust, slight depression, end of vacation leaves, social problems at work, laziness, etc. just to name a few…

Finally put aside all those 3rd world problems and gathered enough strength to properly unveil my loots (Still prefer the term acquisitions but otaku comrades have exclusively “trademarked” the term all around the globe referring to their purchases… ^^;)…

Now would you look at them booty, yohoho arrrrr matey! XDc


The Day After AFAMY12

Set on the last floor just across the Tokyo Street district of Pavilion, Danny-san organised the Culture:Japan Night after the end of AFAMY12

The Japanese Restaurant just in front of the venue, Tonkatsu, provided us with bottomless green tea beverages and a timed sushi buffet or sort during the course of the night…


The Layers of AFAMY12

Cosplay is an integral part of an ACG event, AFAMY12 being no exception. Unlike the failure of meself that was AFA11, I was lucky to have caught many of them raburi raburi and incredible cosplaying comrades into my lens this time around, framing them into digital piccies… XDc 

Unlike the Layers in Singapore who were mostly gathered just outside the main hall of their AFA counterpart, most of the Layers here at AFAMY12 were found within the confines of the exhibition hall, allowing me to not-so-discreetly hunt them all around the place without having to leave the comfort (?) of my post

Featured above, this raburi raburi Misaka Mikoto of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun fame is actually an employee under the KKnM x Little Akiba collab booth! The kawaii part is when I asked her to find a Misaka Mikoto Nenpuchi her booth’s selling, she mistook Musujime Awaki as one… ^o^;;;

Dojikko Mikoto is dojikko desu wa~! XDc


The Dreamy Dollfies of AFAMY12

Albeit still slight in the growth of the community, Volks Dollfie Dream 1/3 dolls see constant increase of popularity over the past few years, a straight evidence from during AFAX when KKnM was kind enough to sponsor a display booth welcoming visiting musume of InnovaDDo to join in…

In AFA11, the musume-tachi saw a much bigger exposure with several InnovaDDo banded up to secure a booth from the organisers…

This was also the 1st début of Tama-chan in an ACG event! XDc