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Plotting Course for AFAMY12

With less than a week’s left, the officials of AFAMY12 finally starting to unveil more and more news of the big day itself!

Looks like my early arrival at Kuala Lumpur will not be as boring as I have once thought… :3c

There will be a special press preview event the day before AFAMY12, with rotsa special guests making appearances at Low Yat Plaza on the 8th of June at 1800 hours sharp!

Expect to meet Kalafina, Kurosaki Maon, Aimi, FLOW, KOTOKO, Sea☆A, the maids of Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe, the butlers of Atelier Royale, Danny Choo of Culture:Japan and Spiral Cats Team members Tasha and “Dat Kuroneko” Miyuko

Advance ticket sales for AFAMY12 as well as Super Anisong Genki Live concert will also be available from 0800 hours until 2000 hours that day!

I am due to arrive at the Puduraya Bus Terminal with a couple of my buddies during afternoon that day, so I’ll be visiting PWTC for a brief site surveillance (As I did every AFA), then heading to Low Yat Plaza to acquire my advance tickets. Will probably head to KLCC after that for a stroll at the mall before going to my temporary lodge (My Uncle’s place) situated many kilometres away at Sungai Long…

However, I’m still undecided between KLCC and Low Yat’s arrangement. May want to visit KLCC first then head to Low Yat for the press event?

Local and overseas comrades alike, may I see you all during my expedition there! XDc


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