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The Smile of AFAMY12

Good Smile Company, one of the more widely recognised figure maker known to comrades around the world, will attend AFAMY12 as one of  its main sponsor…

Expect rotsa new announcements of  lovely Figma, Nendoroids and scaled figures at its own corner of display booths!!

Aside from the exhibition of their latest items including Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero figures, GSC will also bring over various Cheerful JAPAN! merchandise for sale as well… ^o^

If you miss any of them during the pre-order periods over the past year be sure not to miss it this time by getting them directly from the maker itself!

On the other hand, their F1 racing team Good Smile Racing will feature a live broadcast viewing at their booth on their participation in the “2012 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Rd.3 SUPER GT INTERNATIONAL SERIES MALAYSIA” in Sepang, which will be held on the same day as well!!

Be prepare to be bombarded with Racing Miku merchandise too~!

An AFAMY original, it seems there’s going to be a booth specially geared to spread awareness on anime piracy

Say no to bootlegs (The heresy of dat Sader figure comes to mind) and pirated anime BR/DVDs. Buy only original licensed merchandise!

Show your support by buying from the participating merchants to gain a sticker to qualify for special prizes that can be won at the booth itself… 0_0

T-minus 10 days left, otanoshimi!


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