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The Card Fight of AFAMY12

Time to unleash your way of the samurai soul with more updates on AFAMY12‘s official site

The Trading Card Game giant Bushiroad will once again providing a workshop of theirs within the likes of AFAMY12!!

Played by comrades around the globe, Bushiroad’s flagship TCG like Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz enjoyed much popularity amongst its fans thanks to their easy-to-learn rules and trills of card-battling…

I have a deck of Weiss Schwarz as well as a deck of the unpopular? Queen’s Blade Chaos TCG myself (I won them thru Danny Choo’s giveaway contest two years prior), unfortunately I’ve yet to bother to learn to play them as of yet…! ^^;

Anyways, Bushiroad is set to hold a tournament between TCG comrades, of which anyone can join!

There’s also going to be workshops set up to teach new learners the way of the card battles, as well as a chance to challenge Aimi to a card fight! XDc

Above is Bushiroad’s schedule for both days of AFAMY… Be sure to drop by for some card action!

I hope to bring Tama-chan to give support to the players there too~ XDc


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  3. hey can guys can anyone trade me 2x dragonic overload the end or sell to me…??

    9th May, 2013 at 14:08

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