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The Third Impact

An epic almost 11 years in the making, a trio of nites ago on the 15th Day of the 5th Moon marks the arrival of the most anticipated PC game of the decade…

Couldn’t resist procuring a copy for myself, as I was a huge fan of the 1st two releases of the Diablo saga during my early teen years…

I went to my local retailer store, gazing upon walls of Diablo III box copies, almost a hundred of them stacked atop one another! Unfortunately all of them are marked as pre-orders, meaning all of them are already booked and paid beforehand by other comrades!!! 0_0

Unable to obtain my copy on the day, I’d resorted to place an order for couple of copies (The other for a comrade of mine), which luckily are available for pick-up the next day, true to the storekeeper’s words… :3c

I was quite curious of the inconsistencies of the price tho.

The physical copy I purchased is priced at RM 195 (Roughly USD 62.67) per box. Most places in my country sells it for RM 218 (Roughly USD 70.06) . Online digital copies are SGD 90 (Roughly USD 71.13). On the other hand, a certain Australian Trooper mentioned it costs him only AUD 60 (Roughly USD 59.64) or so…

I was like dafuq!? ^^;

Anyways, Diablo III is assembled upon a platform that requires you to have a constant stream of access to the inter-web much like an online game, including the Single Player Campaign!

Blizzard really does underestimated the number of attempted Zerg-Rushing logins during the launch nite that its servers couldn’t handle the amount, causing many disconnects and errors including the now infamous Error 37 meme

This creates much headaches not to mention problems as one would risks losing date and/or progress in-game if a sudden lost of connection to the servers occurs…

I happened to lost all my progress of a level 8 Demon Huntress of my 1st playthru on the 1st night… :O It appears the game is defaulted to the US servers (There are 3 regions: The Americas, Europe and Asia), which I changed to Asia servers after my playthru. Different regional servers manage their own list of heroes and doesn’t sync between one another, which explains the loss of my chara when I relogin’d into the Asia servers… Changing back to the US servers solves my loss chara problem…

Good thing Blizzard is hard at work improving its servers tho, so I faced no login errors during the next day…

Besides the installation DVD and a full-colour-print sorta manual, the Standard Edition of Diablo III includes a notepad and several Guest Pass for Diablo III and World of WarCraft… The former lets you to play Act I of Diablo III up until the Skeleton King encounter while the latter allows you to play the MMORPG until you hit level 20…

Tama-chan is quite furious to learn that I bought the game without her consent as she’s the one managing our reserves of limited funds…

…or not… ^^;;;;

「Tama-chan will be a FemWiz~! Join Tama-chan in a co-op play, Goshujin-sama!」

Looks like I’ll be joining her quests with my renewed Demon Huntress~~~


7 responses

  1. The Koreans complete in 6 hrs. Go break their record!!! =p

    18th May, 2012 at 19:32

    • No one beats them Koreans in their enthusiastic Blizzard fandom! XDc

      19th May, 2012 at 07:19

  2. Buy a game for like USD70+ and then rush to complete it in less than a day…. more like within 12hrs.WTH!. lol

    18th May, 2012 at 19:45

    • Well… I’m taking my time to enjoy Diablo 3 to its fullest by reading each and every lore and journals I’ve encountered, whilst other comrades hurry to level up their charas… ^^;

      19th May, 2012 at 07:18

  3. Tijmen

    My goal for Diablo is to get all the achievements .. will take a while but it will be worth it. Took me ages to find a store that actually had these still in stock!

    19th May, 2012 at 23:25

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