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More Special Guests of AFAMY12

More updates on AFAMY12‘s official site

Several days ago, the officials of AFAMY teased of the possible visit of a special celebrity cosplayer “Dat Kuroneko” Miyuko

It is now a confirmation that she’ll be in the event exclusively in her amazing cosplay drawn from her experiences and skills in fashion design!

Joining the lovely black kittie is the leader of her circle Spiral Cats Team, Tasha.

She too will bring us fantastic cosplay during AFAMY!

Lastly, the producer of Production I.G, Tomohiko Ishii, will share his anime making experience with us…

His past titles include Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Eden of the East and he’s here to promote his latest anime title 009 RE: CYBORG…

T-minus less than a moon left until the big day!


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