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A Foxy Coser of AFAMY12

With the upcoming AFAMY12 drawing closer and closer, more info have been teased and released seemingly at random, trying to hype up the excitement of would be visitors… 0_O

Looks like there will be a kyubi kitsune of League of Legends joining us at the event itself!

Affectionately being referred to as “Dat Kuroneko cosplayer”, the Korean celebrity coser of the Spiral Cats Team will attend AFAMY12 during this June, bringing us her superbly detailed and right-to-the-source cosplaying.

Info is still scarce at the moment, still not sure if the rest of her teammates like Tomia and Tasha will join her in this trip as well…

This begs serious question tho: will she bring Dat Gate to the venue too? You know the one she and her team seems to always had their photos taken with? XDc

Please be careful tho, Miyuki-san! Goshujin-sama already reported that many self-proclaimed stalkers and pervs might be planning something in the dark… D:


5 responses

  1. Just as keikaku? :3

    13th May, 2012 at 12:35

  2. Prolly can’t make it this year! NOOOOOO MAON AND KOTOKO!!! ZZZZZZZZ NATIONAL SERVICE =(

    14th May, 2012 at 13:24

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