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Central Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

Although its release has been delayed, the official site of Fate/Extra CCC has been updated, filled with information on the Player and his/her Servant candidates…

Even though silhouetted, one can recognise the shadows as Matou Sakura’s doppelgänger as well as Gilgamesh lurking by each sides of the main casts…

Here’s a rough translation of the info on the site, albeit please excuse my poor translating skillz… ^^;


The Wizard that battles within the Cyberspace with the help of their chosen Servant.

The school uniform dress code has been changed instead of the modern-day blazer type as seen previously.

There is no difference between the male and female Player, altho some dialogue choices with the Servant may differ.

Saber (CV: Tange Sakura)

Tho her frame is petite at a height of just 150 cm, she is considered a high-ranked Servant.

Her abilities alone stands worthy of being classed as the mighty Saber.

Even tho she’s wearing sort of wedding dress-like costume, you’ll find curious assortments of chains and locks bounding her if you’re observant enough…

Archer (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

A Class that specialises in indirect combat, using bow or throws.

When it is impossible to use such feat during combat, some may choose to fight in up close and personal using blades.

Really stands out in a cool and wild outfit.

Caster (CV: Saito Chiwa)

Useless in close combat, a Class blessed with a superior intellect and combative magic abilities.

Dark natured personality-wise and a wicked-tongue, yet extremely devoted to her Master .

Rather cute but a little devilish at times.


7 responses

  1. CCC’s caster is… uhm… hot… yeah, hot, that’s it. Sorry was distracted

    20th April, 2012 at 13:49

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  3. Yummy!! Caster-chan looks bit Sexier…DEM MELONS ^Y^

    24th July, 2012 at 23:51

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  6. Female MC

    I Love My New School Uniform <3 ;)

    17th June, 2013 at 06:36

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