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Extra Summoning of a Pure Foxy

An Earth Cycle and a half later after the summoning of Fate/Extra, eager fans of the lovely kemonomimi will finally have a chance to summon her in the form of an Azone 1/6 action doll! ^w^

Many thanks to a couple of comrades who gave Goshujin-sama a heads-up on the news itself…

Rendered in Azone’s proud Pure Neemo Character Series, Caster of Fate/Extra will see herself realised in an almost too hhhnnnggg-ness figure form, complete with articulations made possible by the superiority of the PN body itself! XDc

Just like Chibi CastFox-chan before her, this Pure Kitsune is designated a limited product only available by directly pre-ordering her from Hobby Japan Online Shop

Looks like Goshujin-sama will have to procure her from elsewhere again this time…

Down to every details including her daring kimono and pink twintails, Pure Kitsune enjoys superb transformation from her original digital self into this figure form…

Her signature kemonomimi and shippo, unlike her spicy counterpart, are mould in hard PVC instead of fuwa fuwa fluffiness…

She comes with some accessories, including this charm and 5 sets of exchangeable hands…

Too bad she doesn’t have her Noble Phantasm with her, but since she’s basically in 1/6 scale standing at about 28cm high, perhaps she can borrow Mini Tama-chan‘s NP instead…

Slated to be released in September at 13,000 yen, Pure Kitsune can be PO’d now via clicking on the banner above…

Tama-chan is confident that Goshujin-sama will definitely secure this kemonomimi for Tama-chan’s sake… :3c


13 responses

  1. kosho

    :3 awesome! so cute, i love the ears~ is there any way to buy her? >< from an english speaking site? my japanese is still very basic, and i'm not sure if i can use the hobby japan shop :c

    25th March, 2012 at 08:27

    • Deputy/Proxy service my friend…

      You can try Shopping Mall Japan, Japan to Door or Tenso to name a few…

      25th March, 2012 at 08:38

  2. Aya-chan

    Adorable. I like her face….

    …Should I get an Azone doll too? I think it’s a good alternative since my parents are against dollfies since they’re too expensive.

    25th March, 2012 at 10:06

  3. Obitsu fan here!

    25th March, 2012 at 20:16

  4. feriel1216


    25th March, 2012 at 22:04

  5. i… i … i…

    might get her… if it’s September…

    25th March, 2012 at 23:32

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