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A Party of Dreamy Doll(fies) on the 3rd Moon

While Goshujin-sama is busy ogling at them new girls (Hhhmmpphh! >,<) in WonFes 2012 Winter (Which falls on today) using Hanako, Tama-chan will take this opportunity to do some research of her own… ^_~

By the past week, the InnovaDDo community has been bombarded with information on various new merchandise that will be made available to them and their musume on the upcoming Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 event in March, via the latest Volks News Vol 47 just delivered to them…

True to its tradition of introducing a couple of new DDs every event, the 1st of the two of the said limited DDs will be DD Lucy Maria Misora (AKA Ruuko) from To Heart 2.

Her secondary outfit, which is the famous To Heart 2 school uniform (Recycled from DD Tama-nee no less), will be made available in 3 different sizes – DD, DDDy and MDD, all sold separately…

The 2nd DD is a relatively new character DD Niimi Haruka from the PSP game Photokano. She is designated as a DDDy but using the new DD Base Body III system!

If Tama-chan’s memory serves her well, Tama-chan believe Tama-chan oversaw Goshujin-sama had a go at the Visual novel a couple of nights before, of which you’re required to shoot photos in the game to win them heroines’ heart… orz

There’ll also be several types of school uniform and sailor fuku as well as a Tennis-Bu outfit (Including the racket) all sold separately for your consumption…

Now, the following peaks Tama-chan interest… :3c

愛妻アプロン! Comes in 3 flavours and cooking utensils as well as a fried sunny-side-up egg too! XDc

Don’t forget these lovely maid fuku as well! Tama-chan would love to wear that black one to serve Goshujin-sama! :3c

Finally, some info on the DDDy Base Body III mentioned earlier… She looks rather… bodacious… ^^;

All these info courtesy of Wolfheinrich, a fellow veteran InnovaDDo known to Goshujin-sama… ^_~


3 responses

  1. I need to get the DDDy BBIII >_< do they have a price tag on it yet?

    12th February, 2012 at 11:05

    • Probably will be similar to how Volks split them all up in parts ala DDS and DDIII… ^^;

      12th February, 2012 at 11:15

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