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Sisterly Love… ブラック☆ロック妄想

Kuro-chan finally finds the time to watch several episodes of the TV Animation she appeared on, now on air in Japan weekly…




1st Horo-chan, then Tenshi-chan, now… ^^;;;;;

Arriving at my den after work, once again I caught a certain itoko ninja’d on me moe futon and NTR’d proceed to enjoy my new Tama-chan Daki… =_=


Some time during the initiation of the year of the Dovahkiin, I’ve placed an order for a custom print of a dakimakura cover thanks to the recommendation of a fellow InnovaDDo

Fast forward to early this week, the package finally reached my doorstep, much to the delight (Or not…) of Chibi-chan… =ω=


Sisterly Love… 恋の日

Singles Awareness Day St. Valentine’s Day ForeverArone Day ish here again!


A Party of Dreamy Doll(fies) on the 3rd Moon

While Goshujin-sama is busy ogling at them new girls (Hhhmmpphh! >,<) in WonFes 2012 Winter (Which falls on today) using Hanako, Tama-chan will take this opportunity to do some research of her own… ^_~

By the past week, the InnovaDDo community has been bombarded with information on various new merchandise that will be made available to them and their musume on the upcoming Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 event in March, via the latest Volks News Vol 47 just delivered to them…