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For the longest time now, well before the initiation of Unlimited Installment Works, I’d came into contact with a certain online shop that offers the service of printing your own custom dakimakura for you…

Altho it seems to me an interesting concept, I wasn’t so intrigue on the idea just yet so I dropped the idea of owning my self-made dakimakura at that time, seemingly lost and forgotten amidst many other thingies…

Until the rather abrupt and random conversatweet between various comrades in which InnovaDDo Wolfheinrich reminded me of its existence… :3c Immediately an idea arises: What if I custom print my raburi foxy Servant Tama-chan as a dakimakura? :3c

Thanks to the InnovaDDo for his review of the custom printed duvet cover (Of which he promptly used as a bed sheet… XDc) he ordered from Hobby Heart, I’m convinced of its printing quality and strive to place my order from the same place, immediately set out to re-shoot Tama-chan in various “compromising” positions as the 1st take seems rather unsuitable as a dakimakura printing material…  (^^;)

2nd take didn’t fare better either as I messed up with the positioning that will caused major cropping off her dress (And shippo! D:) to fit her inside the dakimakura dimension…

3rd time’s the charm!

After some post-processing and feedbacks from various comrades, especially the InnovaDDo (Thanks a lot, comrade Wolfheinrich!), this will be the final artwork sent for printing!

For most of its custom printing items (Dakimakura, Duvet Cover, Bed Sheet…), Hobby Heart offers a quad of material choices: Peach Skin Polyester, Japanese Textile (Equal to most of them official dakimakura’s Smooth Knit), Super Soft Natural Velvet and 2-way Tricoat (A type of material used on those swimsuits and sukumizu :P)…

Since the shipping is free of charge (A huge plus!), I placed my order for a 2-way Tricoat print of Tama-chan… ^_~

It’s now in process last time I checked with the their schedule, lookin’ (Almighty excited) forward to its arrival, eventho it’s a late self birthday present… ^_~


5 responses

  1. Mitchell

    Wow, that’s pretty awesome! Good job on creating the photos and doing all the steps to make your dakimakura. Your Tama-chan is gorgeous!!! <3

    30th January, 2012 at 10:57

    • Hopefully the final product comes out good… :3c

      30th January, 2012 at 12:22

  2. Erosuyo Sempai!

    5th February, 2012 at 14:06

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