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Prototyping Thy Fate

Announced just yesterday, the 3rd season of comedic parody Carnival Phantasm will include a 12-minute animated short of an OVA…

…of the original draft of Fate/Stay Night!

If you’re an avid Nasuverse fan and did some digging on the history of all the franchise, you’ll know that Nasu Kinoko did this one draft prior to the completion of the 1st Fate VN.

Fate/Prototype, as it is known today, casted Saber (Archetype Saver as he is known back then) as a male Servant while his Master is a female, but was later scrapped due to incompatibility towards realisation of a VN (Which is aimed at male audience in mind at that time)…

It really was an interesting take on the Fate franchise, as the Masters depicted are all females with all of them Servants male…

Here we see the Servant Archer (Gilgamesh?) and the mysterious Father hentai (Which later evolves to Kirei I believe)… XDc

We never meet Lancer’s Master in Fate/Stay Night…

But here we finally get to meet her!

Interesting thingie she’s holding there… 0_0

And best of all, the cast list reveals several veteran seiyuu-tachi doing the voices for the OVA including HanaKana as Sajo Ayaka!

3rd Season Carnival Phantasm please come soon! XDc


One response

  1. Also Koyasu and Ogata Megumi in the cast list.
    Hasn’t seen them long (okay, Ogata in MajiKoi)

    The trailer looks really interesting. I think I’d really love to see more romantic relationship between Arthur and Ayaka (although yandere oneechan Aki is disturbing). Make this into sort of otome game and for obvious reason Ayaka is more interesting than the guys of Emiya family :D

    BTW, did some parts made you remember old manga/anime ?
    Particularly X, such as the fight in Tokyo government office and… one of the masters (male?) in the hospital.

    1st January, 2012 at 16:48

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