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Marble Phantasm!

Well, that didn’t take too long… ^^;

As of yesternite, Figma Blog updated thair page with more piccies of the raburi Figma Phantas-Moon and as always judging from the trend set from past years, she’ll be available for PO starting the next day, which is today! :3c

Looks like she’ll be equipped with her trusty Mapodon to win herself a food fight, with complementing exaggerate face to boot! XDc

Effect parts for Phantasm Rod are also available for your pleasure of recreating Phantas-Moon’s signature poses as seen within the Carnival Phantasm OVA… XDc… ^^;

With her PO starting today, Phantas-Moon will require a mana level of 3,200 yen before she’ll transform into her magical girl form before your eyes in May next year… :3c


One response

  1. Yamadipati

    As a Zettai Ryouiki fan i already preordered her the second she was open for PO on the 22nd…

    And she’s arcueid…

    … EPIC CURRY!!!

    24th December, 2011 at 08:09

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