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Heroic Knight in Shining Armour

Ever since the first movie adaptation of Iron-Man back in the year 2008, many fans of the armoured Marvel superhero has cried out for action figures of the Man in the Iron Mask

Hong Kong based figure meister Hot Toys first attempted this with much success (Ruling out the weak quality Western based makers like Hasbro and others), fusing incredible sculpt with top-notch articulations and gimmicks, not to mention the lifelike paint job and rendition of the face of the actor himself in figure form!

Unfortunately, incredible quality calls for incredible pricing, which simply not affordable to the masses…

Until Revoltech’s intervention last year with an action figure of their own… ^_~

Their Tokusatsu series Iron-Man Mk VI was a success that a limited edition of Mk IV (A repaint of Mk VI with slight change on the Arc Reactor) was produced for the eager fandom… Following close behind is the recently released War Machine, much to the delight of collectors worldwide…

And of course it doesn’t stop here…

Going back to its roots, Revoltech now focus its attention to the rest of the Iron-Man variations, starting with the metallic bling-bling-ness of Mk II…

For a 1/12 scaled action figure, them details are astounding! Just look at those incredible amounts of bolts on the armour itself!

Being a Revoltech, of course the articulations on various joints are wide and strong, allowing dynamic posing that only limited by your own imagination…

Unlike Mk VI tho, Mk II features an LED light-up gimmick on its Arc Reactor!

As far as I know Revoltech series figures rarely do such light-up gimmicks, with the exception of Danbo, Danbo Mini and EVA-06 if I remember correctly…

Mk II also includes an exchangeable head bearing the resemblance of Robert Downey Jr., the actor of Tony Stark in the Iron-Man movie!

There are a couple of pairs of alternate hands too, as well as a name plate and the same lift-off effect base as the one from Mk VI…

Coming this February priced at 3,500 yen…

Better prepare yourself for this awesome mecha! :3c

Wish I can get one too, but Tama-chan‘s now holding my wallet-kun and bank account-chan hostage… D:

Coming a month after Mk II at the same pricing is Mk III!

Unlike the limited edition Mk IV, this one comes with Tony Stark’s head as well as the light-up gimmick of Mk II from the looks of it!!! :3c

Now what’s left are Mk I, Iron Monger and Mk V… XDc


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