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Acquisitions: The Spoils of AFA11

Hammered by somewhat intense barrage of Post AFA Syndrome (Heard rotsa other comrades had the same problem… 0_0), I’ve not been able to properly sort out 俺の勝利品 from the event itself…

Good thing Tama-chan nursed me back to health as t’was quite a difficult period over the past week due to extreme loads of works from RL job (Even had to take a medical leave day off to cool my circuits >,<) and some minor others…

Anyways, back to early Christmas present unwrapping! XDc Got a trio of T-Shirts during Day 02, one from Cospa and the other two from K-On!’s booth

Cospa’s mine, a full print of Tenshi from Angel Beats! in deep blue colour… Wore this immediately on Culture Japan Night a couple of days later… XDc The K-On! ones belong to my best friend Donny Choo as souvenirs, as he can’t make it this year to the event… He accompanied me last year as my bodyguard… XDc

Caught Vividblaze handing out freebie CDs of Mirai Millennium’s theme songs when I dropped by Culture Japan’s booth… Of course I sampled one for myself… XDc

And of course the ticket for Day 03… For some reason I ended up not using it for entry as I gain access to the Exhibition Hall via other mean… ^^;

Also caught a Danbo Mini at SGD 50 at one of them booth in the Exhibition Hall… Pretty decent price me thinks as it can be marked up to RM 250 over here on my island, eventho the original Japan-only price is just 1,000 yen! >,<

If you visited the DD Display Booth, you might have already noticed this little guy trying to give you a meishi… ^_~

Aye, this was the very same Danbo Mini I mentioned earlier! XDc

I immediately employed it as Chibi-chan‘s assistant during the event! >w<

Mini-kun also helped on Day 03 too… Otsukaresama!

Got a few things too during random strolling on Day 03…

Got this Nendo Francesca Lucchini for a bargain price of only SGD 30! Been meaning to adopt her for some time now but Tama-chan kinda keeping a close eye on me bank account… ^^;

Also got a strap of Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Tomoe Mami from the Aniplex booth… Finally something to decorate me DD Carryall! XDc

Altho I’m not a player of them Trading Card Games like Card Fight!! Vanguard or Weiss Schwarz, I acquired a pack of protective card sleeves donning the image of Dog Day’s inuhime Millhi… >///<

Well, there’s a reason behind that impulse acquisition…

Hmmm… Not a bad application… ^_~

I’m now using them sleeves to protect the meishi I received from other comrades during AFA11!

Managed to gather a horde of them comrade meishi unlike earlier years! Most of them are from fellow InnovaDDo(s) tho… :3c

Also this WS card from Danny Choo… Got it from him during CJN… ^_~

Lookin’ at them stats: No cost, no level requirement, +1,000 power to attached card… 0_0 That’s, one hella support card, Mirai-chan! ^^;

Need to recover my reserves now… Hopefully Tama-chan won’t ask for some outrageously expensive outfit for some time…  /Prays


3 responses

  1. T.K.

    Ahhaha, Post AFA Syndrome. My team was K.O.ed for a day after we returned to the island, but nothing serious.

    Were all the meishi’s present during Day 2? I might have missed them when I passed by the booth.

    27th November, 2011 at 20:30

    • Not all… Just some including comrades kodomut, Gordon, mine and a few others…

      I got most of them directly from them InnovaDDos… ^_~

      27th November, 2011 at 21:00

      • T.K.

        I see, will focus on meishi hunting next year. I’m happy enough with Danny’s card this year. Take care of your body!

        28th November, 2011 at 01:08

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