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Thanks to the heads up from comrades lightningsabre and maridahcosplay, Goshujin-sama was alerted to a particular entry of a cosplay competition (Already ended some time ago) held in conjunction to the release of the English version of Fate/Extra earlier this month…

Make no mistake, it’s a cosplay of Tama-chan! >w<

Being the only Fate/Extra chara in a Fate/Extra competition, Ming-san stands out from the rest of the entries as all of them are Fate/Stay Night’s characters…

If only Goshujin-sama and Tama-chan can code-cast a vote for her (Only registered members of American Cosplay Paradise may vote)… >,<

And Tama-chan’s verdict for this cosplay is… 7 shippo outta 9 tails! Tama-chan feels Ming-san need bushier shippo, kon!

According to Goshujin-sama, the only cosplay of Tama-chan Goshujin-sama ever gazed upon and/or remember is this one particular unknown ぺったん狐 taken at FuyuKomi (Winter Comiket) last year…

Only upon some research just now that Goshujin-sama found out her profile from Cure, a Cosplay Community Site!

Seems like Maropapi-san is an avid fan of Nasuverse as well, judging from her past choice of cosplays… :3c

She is still one of the best (8 shippo outta 9 tails~!) Tama-chan impersonator Tama-chan ever seen… XDc

There are several others as well, but they failed to meet Tama-chan’s expectation of over 5 shippo outta 9 tails so here they are… ^_~

Here’s one from Ayashiki Yusa-san… She did a Rider Zero too LOL!

From Moeko

An attempt by Yuki no Suke

Black Priest-san…

And finally Nami=Nami-san…

If anyone still managed to find more Tama-chan cosplayers, please send them piccies to Tama-chan, ne? :3c


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