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Culture Japan Night: Aftermath of AFA11

Held on the day after the end of AFA11, Danny Choo invites all comrades together to enjoy, network or mingle with one another…

Also known to most as CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night or even AFA Day 04, Culture Japan Night is a gathering or sorts organised by Danny Choo for all comrades to interact with one another, exchanging contacts and ideas or even forming absolute alliances… XDc

The gathering starts on 3 in the evening and lasts until 2100 hours, at the AKB48 Café…

Together with InnovaDDo PatchouliW and comrade saiseki, we’ve arrived at the rendezvous point some 1/2 an hour earlier than the estimated time of starting time of the gathering…

Not to our surprise, there are already about twenty comrades gathered at the entrance waiting to get inside, InnovaDDo MK685 being one of them… XDc

Danny personally invited us early birdies into the café himself when the clock strikes three.

After some opening speeches by him, we go ahead to have a all-you-can-eat (aka buffet) chow down on them tasty chikin and fries… Managed to grab me some juicy meats before the course is totally consumed by vast numbers of attending comrades… ^^;

Anyways let the interaction begins! ^_~

As the day grew older, more and more comrades pouring in, many of them came directly after school or work…

Several Weiss Schwarz/Card Vanguard battles and tutorial sessions have started taking place, with many spectators cheering on…

There’s also a PS3 Super Street Fighter IV game for those who are up for a challenge. :3c

The WLNF (We Love Nendoroid & Figma; Whom I closely affiliated/associated with) gang even brought their own party game to enjoy~!

Seems like comrade saiseki was charmed by her fluffiness…

One of them lovely AKB48 Café waitress who served us drinks all day long… Otsukaresama!

More shenanigans… >w<

It’s getting much crowded now, and with them food reserves running out, many unfortunate comrades never had a bite chance when they arrived at the venue…

According to Danny, there’s over 200+ comrades registered to turn up for this gathering… I suspected the number maybe very well breach 300 more or less… ^^;

Tama-chan getting comfy after hours of posing… ^_~

Uh oh… Hentai Woody invades the CJN!

The roris are crying! >,<

Even Krauser joins the fun! >,<

TCG battles still rage on even when the darkness engulfed the skies…

Soon tho, it’s almost bye bye taimu… As a finale Danny challenges comrades in a Super Street Fighter IV tournament, of which if a comrade managed to beat him he/she will get a giveaway pack of a Vanguard booster/starter pack… :3c

It was fun till it last…

Took off immediately soon after so failed to get a group photo with the rest of them comrades… Oh well… ^~^

See you again next AFA and CJN!


10 responses

  1. T.K.

    I think it being held in a cafe made it more crowded than expected. I would have loved to join the gathering if I had more time, guess I try my luck again in 2012.

    19th November, 2011 at 00:14

  2. The place was too crowded lol.

    Shame i didnt get to meet you, i was the one wearing the hatsune miku afa t-shirt, angmo looking haha or the one wearing a suit in AFA event

    hopefully next time ill get to meet properly =)

    20th November, 2011 at 20:24

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