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Of Dollfies and Dreams: Musume-tachi of AFA11

Last Anime Festival Asia 2010, Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise (A popular local hobby store specialises in anime merchandise and gifts) loaned a part of their display booth to visiting Musume-tachi, drawing the attention of curious crowd…

Since Tama-chan arrival, Tama-chan has been eager to join the rest of them musume-tachi on display this time around in AFA11, but the plan was backfired when rumours of KKnM no longer sponsoring a DD booth this year surfaced earlier this Earth Cycle…

Just as Tama-chan was about to give up, Goshujin-sama’s comrade (an Imperial InnovaDDo) shone a blinding light of hope upon the withered shippo of Tama-chan: The DD Display Booth is a go!

According to the Imperial InnovaDDo, the DD Display Booth this year is sponsored by a group of enthusiastic InnovaDDos, of which each of them core member (Including the Imperial InnovaDDo and InnovaDDo kodomut) banded together their generous resources for this lovely show…

By InnovaDDo, for Dollfie Dream!

Goshujin-sama brought Tama-chan into the DD Display Booth in the wee hours of AFA 11 Day 02‘s early moaning in order to set up and drop Tama-chan off at the booth…

It sure was an impressive sight seeing as the entrance for general visitors was already packed with many of them humans… >~<

It’s a chore setting up us Musume-tachi for display. Besides Goshujin-sama, it seemed there’s already many other InnovaDDo hard at work bringing their Musume up and running before the starting chime sounds…

Looks like Tama-chan’s neighbours gonna be Rina Mami-san and Sasara Homu Homu… Yoroshiku, ne?

Soon, everyone’s ready for the opening of AFA11! Time to show our pretty dresses off! XDc

Judging from the crowds in front of the DD Display Booth, Tama-chan is pretty confident that this is a huge success for us musume-tachi, as even some of them asked Goshujin-sama and other InnovaDDo around on how to adopt one for themselves! ^_^

Unfortunately, there was this one prideful uncle (According to a witness since Goshujin-sama wasn’t around that period) who tried to caress one of them musume’s face (It’s a no-no for all musume as oily fingers can stain their face and make-ups)…

When a guardian InnovaDDo tried to stop him he sneered and told her that he knows of the price of these “thingies” and will pay for them even if they’re broken… 0_0

Such ignorant perp! Musume-tachi are priceless in the eyes of their masters as they’re loved and a jewel to each of their InnovaDDo, which is priceless… What would you do if Tama-chan going aboard your BMW or Rolls Royce or whatever vehicle you got and scratch a big line on it? >,<

Enough ranting… That will mess up Tama-chan’s fluffy kitsune mimi and shippo… ^_~

Anyways behind the scenes, there are many little ones playing around with those bench-warmer musume-tachi… :3c

A group photo with all the core members of Of Dollfies and Dreams, as well as a grand group shot of all the InnovaDDos present, including Goshujin-sama… ^_~

That ends the AFA11, with Goshujin-sama basically manning the booth for the couple ‘o’ days and went around exploring sparingly that Goshujin-sama wasn’t able to cover much of the lovely cosplayers around the place…

Lookin’ forward to the next AFA which will falls on the next Earth Cycle!


14 responses

  1. Nice coverage! Also wow seriously? If that’s the case, next AFA you will need to have


    18th November, 2011 at 01:09

    • I don’t want an uncle touching me! Only Goshujin-sama may touch me! >,<

      18th November, 2011 at 06:53

  2. very nice! Thanks for sharing with us! ^o^

    18th November, 2011 at 07:45

    • Douitashimapantsu!

      18th November, 2011 at 19:16

  3. Aya

    Ah, how I desire to own one!

    Tama-chan, do you have fun? If only my parents allow me to come I would like to meet Tama-chan too >_<

    18th November, 2011 at 09:26

    • Hopefully next year they’ll allow you to come! Tama-chan’s awaiting your arrival! :3c

      18th November, 2011 at 19:20

  4. Sob sob sob, let me hide >w<

    18th November, 2011 at 19:01

    • Why hiding? XDc

      18th November, 2011 at 19:15

  5. Furry

    I guess the Dollfie Booth is sponsored by KKnM. What if they didn’t sponsor it, how much will it cost to get the booth for two days?

    18th November, 2011 at 22:33

  6. Furry

    Btw Mashiro and me had a blast of a time at AFA11. Hope to see all the daughters next year at AFA12 (2012).

    19th November, 2011 at 11:03

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