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Day 02+03: A Debriefing on AFA11

Lack of proper WiFi and hectic busyness during my stay down South kinda forbids me to do a proper report on the event, but now that I’ve safely reached homu homu back on my comfy moe futon, I can finally file me experience to those who can’t attend Anime Festival Asia 2011 aka AFA11… ^_~

Some taimu ago, Imperial InnovaDDo Gordonator commanded me to reach the forward base within the Festival Hall at about 0700 hours to do an early setup of them Musume…

Rewinding the time flow back to the 12th, I arrived to the battlefield at the exact dictated hours to find many forwards scouts have already set up camp among the enemy stronghold, eagerly awaiting for their chance to grab a ticket to the goal…

Good thing I’ve already requested the assistance of comrade saiseki on the acquisition of an advance ticket or else I might have to join these scouts too… ^^;

Even the entrance is barred from entry by a flock of foot soldiers ready to charge the place inside-out once the gate opens in a couple ‘o’ hours…

I am on time, but my superior is nowhere to be seen…

May need to radio him ASAP… /Static

Chibi-chan eagerly awaits her admission into the halls of figures… XDc

Soon tho, the Imperial InnovaDDo shows up and we go ahead to our join-task-force of droid searching… This particular story will continue at another time… ^_~

Day 02 is pretty much going according to keikaku and keisan:

Together with Comrades and fellow InnovaDDos, we stormed the Stage Area enjoying Culture Japan’s Season 2 digest… We were treated with live performance by Vividblaze duo too!

Next up is an interview session with Iwakami Atsuhiro, the producer of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero… We were given many insights into the creation of Fate/Zero as well as the confirmation of a trio of Puella Magi Madoka Magica renewal movies… Two of them will be sorta retelling and summary of the TV series while the third and last one will be a new production…

A break later skipping the next three sessions of Stage events, I returned to the area with Tama-chan in hand to take part in experiencing the Live Dubbing session by Saito Chiwa!

Together with Imperial InnovaDDo’s Sasara Homu Homu, we enjoyed the no-photographing period of a total of 3 dubbing session on Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s define moments (Including that infamous carnivorous QB scene)… XDc

There’s also a Q&A session when Saito-san admitted that she’s more dere than tsun… >w< Too bad there’s no kuji signature session unlike the last two years…

A full episode view of Unicorn OVA episode 4 comes up next. Two words and a single term sums up the episode: Sieg ZEON! Banshee!!!!

The rest of Day 02 is pretty much spent exploring the halls and manning the DD Display booth to and fro…

Significantly less scouts on Day 03…

Would seem to be the 1st-visit-kiasu-syndrome suffered by most of the populace that directly caused the crowding during the day before… Only Scout Elites (Me included… ^^;) visit the Day 03 this early…

Same, same.. I am here this early for the same reason as yesterday…

This time around tho had to stay put for a much longer while since the Imperial InnovaDDo will be late and the leader of the InnovaDDo inside took some time to reach the entrance… >w<

Hmmm… This wasn’t here before yesternite… Must be comrade kodomut‘s doing… XDc

Day 03 is pretty much another to and fro between exploring and manning… Didn’t even bother to leave the Festival Halls this time, thus missing rotsa cosplaying action around the building outside the halls…

Did managed to get some shots of them lovelies within the halls tho… Cosplaying report will be on a separate post…

A couple of Vocaloid itasha sitting just in front of our DD Display Booth!

There’s another itasha not far away too, affiliated to the Culture Japan Booth… More on that in a separate post…

That’s pretty much my experience for the AFA11 in brief…

Will cover much elaborated sightings on posts to come!

See you all in AFA 2012!


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