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Archive for 15th November, 2011

Day 02+03: A Debriefing on AFA11

Lack of proper WiFi and hectic busyness during my stay down South kinda forbids me to do a proper report on the event, but now that I’ve safely reached homu homu back on my comfy moe futon, I can finally file me experience to those who can’t attend Anime Festival Asia 2011 aka AFA11… ^_~

Some taimu ago, Imperial InnovaDDo Gordonator commanded me to reach the forward base within the Festival Hall at about 0700 hours to do an early setup of them Musume…

Rewinding the time flow back to the 12th, I arrived to the battlefield at the exact dictated hours to find many forwards scouts have already set up camp among the enemy stronghold, eagerly awaiting for their chance to grab a ticket to the goal…

Good thing I’ve already requested the assistance of comrade saiseki on the acquisition of an advance ticket or else I might have to join these scouts too… ^^;