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A Plan to Hunt

With barely T-minus 4 days left until the flight down South for the 4th AFA, its floor plan has finally been revealed! >w<

Need to start planning my schedule in details now~! Initiating Operation: Niku Hunt immediately!

After many revisions, my rough plan for Day 2 would be:

Heading straight for B3 Cospa for some grabbin’ and then towards B1 K-On! booth to reconnoiter for best pal Donny Choo (Again, not to be confused with Danny Choo… :3c)

Dropping off Tama-chan at E9 Dollfie Display before infiltrating the Main Stage for Culture Japan Showcase… :3c

After CJ, going to grab some ohiru munchin’ with comrades, then strayin’ around for more scouting before fetching Tama-chan to visit her seiyuu, Saito Chiwa-san! XDc

Will be hole up within the Main Stage for a viewin’ of Unicorn Episode 4 before spending the rest of the Day 2 wandering around the Exhibition Area covering the display booths like Danny Choo’s and GSC… ^_~

BTW, over the span of past week rotsa announcements has been unleashed by the officials via them tweets, with many focusing upon the PV of various events that will be featured during the period…

…as well as loads of merchandise attractions~!

See you all berry soon! :3c


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