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Days of the Dog

The holy Trinity of Moe Futon welcomes a new recruit to their fluffy ranks…

In the form of a certain huggable Inu hime~!

A wild kemonomimi appears!

Looks like the Harem Fellowship of the Bed is ready to get acquainted with the newcomer… ^_~

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti, the pink Inumimi hime of the Dog kingdom of Biscotti is definitely chibier than her onee-sama-tachi, certainly makes a perfect imouto to the rest of the Fellowship… ^w^

Her pink fur aside, Millhi’s signature ahoge is there in its place too! However due to the tsundere-ish Gravity-kun, it keeps on slanting at all times… ^^;

Not to mention the prized side inumimi~♥ Even complete with soft furry inside! /pokes

The twin nikuman buns x ribbons looks om nom nom delicious too… /Drools

Wearing her ceremonial hime dress, Millhi’s pinkness makes my heart racing like mad~! >w<

Do note that the dress pieces are removable, but I’m not gonna try stripping her as of… yet… ^_~

What will a kemonomimi be without her shippo too? XDc

Between the shippo of the kemonomimi trio, Ookami-chan has the largest and the most, ummm, furry of them all; Chibi CastFox-chan pride herself with her bushy but nicely groomed shippo while Millhi has the most royally refined tail of them three… ^_~

…and looks like Chibi-chan has taken-a-liking to the new imouto already…

…proceeding to Fabulous Max her in a skip of a heart beat! XDc

Poor, poor imouto-chan is ignored by the Kemonomimi group… orz

On the other hand, Miku-tan is up to NG again!

It appears Miku-tan has some nefarious plan brewing when the Kemonomimi Girls are not lookin’… ^_~


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