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Code: 007

A couple of days ago, I was struck by a sudden moya moya feeling that made me anxious for the whole fine Sunday…

This anxiety kinda made me uneasy for the whole day, even as I tried to relax by lazing around watching and rewatching new and old anime series…

In the end, instinct threw me into my vehicle and I drove to the nearest mall for a walk, impulsively got myself a certain acquisition I’ve tried very hard not to get so soon ever since the adoption of Tama-chan… >,<

And with a shop name like, guess what I’ve got? >w<

Oh boy Tama-chan’s gonna be very displeased to learn that her funding for clothing will be rerouted a bit… orz

1/100 Master Grade 00 Seven Sword/G, the Seven Sword/G variation of the earlier MG 00-Raiser with several blade armaments instead of the 0-Raiser from the anime series… Featuring the same 00 Gundam as base body, this variation is hailed from the expanded side story Gundam 00V Senki. :3c

The package is a bit smaller than its predecessor but for some reason it is priced exactly the same as 00-Raiser… ^^;

I wonder how long has it been since I last touched a Gunpla…

Judging from my last World Wide Gunpla related post, it’s been half an Earth Cycle since my last assembly on a plastic model!

I almost forgot how aplenty them coloured runners can an MG have! 0_0

Since 00-7 doesn’t come with LED light units for its unique lighting gimmick, I’ll probably going to borrow them genuine (Green LEDs x 2) and pseudo (Red LEDs x 2) GN-Drives from Exia Ignition and GN-X

Assembly coming right up soon… Only after I settle my other priorities first tho… ^^;


8 responses

  1. FOR CHRIST SAKE!! He’s more greater than OO raiser but sorry for him i have my MG Epyon first…

    I am a real Gundam Wing fan XD

    11th October, 2011 at 00:15

  2. Yunamon san, why did you do this to Tama-chan, bad you! My tosan hasn’t bought any gunpla for years and that’s the way I like him to be!

    11th October, 2011 at 00:15

    • I’m regreting my impulsive acquisition by now… >x<

      13th October, 2011 at 14:03

  3. i research something about that…maybe good luck if that GN bulb fit to him.

    11th October, 2011 at 08:13

    • It’s the exact same LED unit used on Exia… No need for further research you can use it just fine… ^_~

      11th October, 2011 at 13:04

  4. Why, Goshujin-sama? T~T


    11th October, 2011 at 13:13

    • I promise I’ll get you lovely night gown by next couple ‘o’ months, deal?

      13th October, 2011 at 14:01

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