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A Gathering of Dreamy Doll(fies) on the 10th Moon

To be held on the 22nd day and 23rd day of this Moon, Volks will release a series of October New Outfit Collection during the Dollfie Dream Gathering 2011 event…

These lovely dresses will be on sale at all Volks showrooms across Japan, Tenshi no Sumika, Tenshi no Sato, Tenshi no Koromo, as well as available to web order directly on Volks site (After the event itself as always)…

Spear-heading the event itself is the 2nd version of the standard model Yukino and Aoi, both musume now upgraded with DDIII body system instead of the last-gen DDII body! ^~^

They also comes with new face-up…

There’ll also be rotsa outfits available, but none of them interests Tama-chan for now…

Instead, Tama-chan set her eyes upon the new hand option parts!

Now Tama-chan (Along with many musume outthere) can do the Kira~! sign alongside Ranka-chan! XDc

Also available is the new DDH-06 basic head for them InnovaDDo customisers out there as well as the optional DDII Shapely L bust now sold separately from the DDII body itself!


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