Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Still getting warmer, Volks unleashed a third impact upon the InnovaDDo population, lookin’ determined to bring down the protective Absolute Territory Field!

Crumbling inside the said field is a lone Tama-chan, still withstanding the Unlimited Poison Works alongside Goshujin-sama… ≧w≦

Volks’s Type-Moon 10th Anniversary x Dollfie Dream special site dedicated towards the sales of their DD Saber Twins has finally been updated for easier and eye-candy-er access… ^_~

Each of the Twins have their own personal page too~!

Here’s Aka Saber-chan‘s…

…and Kuro Saber-tan‘s…

Volks also provides the community with a couple of ouen banners of which you can put them up on your site/buroggu to show your support… ^_~

TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary × Dollfie Dream®TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary × Dollfie Dream®

Seems like Goshujin-sama has already uploaded the support banners right there… ^w^ ——->

Another note: It appears Volks has not anticipated the popularity (Underestimated more like… XDc) of Saber Twins that they had to postpone the release date for another Moon due to overflow of demands~! Here are the official words…


この度、『TYPE-MOON 10TH Anniversary × Dollfie Dream®』の 企画発表より、本当に沢山の皆様からご好評を頂き、9月29日現在の時点で、すでに私達の予想を遥かに上回る多数のご予約を頂いております。
そこで関係各所にて調整を行った結果、企画発表当初にご案内させて頂いた 日程(2012年1~2月頃)では、お届けが困難な状況であると 判断するに至りました。

・DDセイバー(Fate/EXTRA Ver.) ・DDセイバーオルタ 2nd Ver.
・セイバーオルタのジャージセット ・セイバーオルタの水着セット


※9月29日までにご予約頂きました商品につきましては、当初の予定通り、1~2月のお届けに向け準備を進めておりますが、 やむを得ずお届け時期を変更させて頂く場合がございます。予めご理解、御了承下さいますようお願いいたします。

楽しみにお待ちくださっているお客様には 多大なご迷惑をお掛けいたしますことを、心よりお詫び申し上げます。
お客様により良い商品・サービスを提供出来るよう、今後も いっそうの努力を重ねる所存でございます。


Instead of the 2nd Moon next Earth Cycle, the Saber Twins will only board their transport towards prospective Masters on the 3rd Moon! However for those POed before 29th day of the 9th Moon, there will be no changes on the initial delivery date so rest easy… ^_~ The delay will only affects those trying to PO starting 30th of the 9th Moon…

Remember that Volks currently accepting pre-orders for her until the end of the 10th Moon…


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