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AFA11 Ticketing Information Now Available

The ticketing info for AFA11 is finally available for your viewing pleasure… >w<

Time for a thorough planning as it’s only a Moon’s length away, pretty soon if you ask me~! :3c

1st ticket is for the access to the Cool Japan Forum, which usually involves talks and discussions on the Anime culture industry…

Each pass will cost you SGD 85 AND it doesn’t include passes to enter AFA11 area itself! D: This doesn’t concerns me tho so I’ll just skip this… XDc

Next up is the ticketing info to immerse yourself into the wonderful atmosphere of AFA11 itself!

Just like previous Earth Cycle, you’ll need to get passes for each day of the event itself if you’re going to be there for all of them… This concerns me now… :Pc

For regular entry into the exhibition area, you can grab the SGD 8 pass but it won’t allow you entry into the stage side which is the main attraction of AFA11 itself as many Anime screening, seiyuu x guest interviews and others will be held at that area!

As for those who got the SGD 8 pass but suddenly have a change of heart and want to admit into the stage side, you’ll have to pay an extra SGD 12 for the trouble…

My suggestion? Best get the SGD 18 pass for the exhibition x stage pass, which I did for AFA09 and AFAX… You won’t regret it!

What about the tickets for them I ♥ Anisong concert?

They will be sold separately and are eligible as a passes for the AFA11 exhibition x stage!

VIP passes will net you a front row seat with a slew of other extras, but the tickets are much more expensive!

At SGD 148 per day (Or SGD 366 for all 3 days), you’ll be able to enjoy the concert up front with premium seating, a single autograph from selected artiste, and your ticket will be eligible as the pass for AFA11 for Day 2 and/or 3!

Standing pass however involves first-come-first-serve sardine-packed at the back of the seats, but it is much more economical in my opinion as the hall aren’t quite large according to my AFA09 concert experience…

Too bad they charge you at least SGD 48 (SGD 126 for all 3) for the pass now instead of it being free of charge back then… Aye, capitalism ho! >,<

I’m still in debate with Tama-chan whether if I should get: Option A – Pass for exhibition x stage for all 3 days, which totaled up to SGD 54; Option B – Pass for exhibition x stage for Day 1 and 3 + Day 1 concert ticket (For Miku-Pa concert~! Must see~! Also acts as Day 2 pass for exhibition x stage), which totaled up to SGD 84…

Further info is viewable at the main site… ^_~


6 responses

  1. T.K.

    Not planning to spend much huh, wise choice. XD
    I’m aiming for the 3 day $126 concert tix since they are the primary reason I’m going but my issue is the surcharge of $3 for each ticket when pre-ordering. Quite a stab to the wallet. >.<

    29th September, 2011 at 00:30

    • I’m not a concert person thus the choices… XDc

      May need help from Singaporean comrades to get them tickets directly for me and collect them when I meet them… as per each year… >w<

      29th September, 2011 at 06:08

  2. ah thx for the explanation, for me the miku hatsune concert is a must go!!! aarrggh!!

    2nd October, 2011 at 16:15

    • I guess I’ll be seeing you there soon? XDc

      2nd October, 2011 at 17:56

  3. Okazaki-san

    Darn it,paying for the 3-day concert pass+2-day entry tickets costs a bomb,but Miku’s concert is a must go for me. Might have to restrain from buying too many goodies after all.orz

    4th October, 2011 at 03:05

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