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Words have it that the InnovaDDo community is on heated discussions over the newest DD Saber Twins, with many pledging their bank accounts and hard-earned credits to secure the prized jewels…

True enough, Volks has finally revealed the pricing and images of the Twins! ^_~

DD Saber (Fate/Extra Version) as well as DD Saber Alter 2nd Version will utilise the newly introduced DDIII body system, both head sculp will remain faithful to the original Saber’s instead of the redone Saber Lily’s. Much to the joy of many Saber lovers as they kinda feel Lily’s face a little off and un-Saber-ish…

Being a special Web Order Project, the Saber Twins will be made-to-order meaning no more lottery system~! Be thankful to Volks, fellow InnovaDDo’s lookin’ forward to adopt one fine Saber! >w<

Reaching your comfy home by 2nd Moon next Earth Cycle, DD Saber Extra (Comes with DDIII Body L Bust, Wig, Animetic Eyes, Default Dress, Leg Armours and Aestus Estus) will rob you of a total of 72,450 yen whereas DD Saber Alter 2nd (Comes with DDIII Body M Bust, Wig, Animetic Eyes, New Dress designed by Takeuchi-san and Dark Excalibur) will extort at least 65,100 yen from your beloved wallets…

Note that Saber Extra will come in L bust (Duh!) while Alter in M… XDc

Preorder will open by tomorrow and will last until end of the 10th Moon, be sure to PO yours within this period! XDc

Saber Alter 2nd also comes with a couple of alternate outfits, each sold separately…

Alter Jersey Set will cost about 9,240 yen and will fit on any bust size. On the other hand, Alter Swimsuit will cost 2,940 and will only fit on an M bust…

I’ll be sitting on the fence gazing over this Holy Grail War tho… :3c

Edit: A couple ‘o’ new Extra and Alter piccies upped…


8 responses

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  2. Fufufufu, the Saber 特攻隊 is nearly complete mwhahahaha.

    23rd September, 2011 at 15:46

    • /Whistling above the fence ^3^

      23rd September, 2011 at 17:06

  3. Chibinezumi

    Exciting news to be sure, however, Joins comrad Yunamon on the fence for a rousing rendition of 99 bottles of beer on the wall. XD

    24th September, 2011 at 04:13

    • /Whistling around the world with Comrade Chibinezumi

      24th September, 2011 at 06:37

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