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Looks like more teasers are coming along on the Type-Moon 10th Anniversary x Dollfie Dream project…

…in the form of Takeuchi-san’s concept arts!

Saber Alter of the Fate/ Hollow Ataraxia will get her version 2.0 treatment, just like Moe… >w<

Seems like Alter 2nd will be wearing a black version of DD Saber Lily’s dress instead of her full armour…

But then again Saber Lily does come with her full armour as well as her white dress in the same package, who knows Alter-chan might get her full metal outfit as well…?

Her Jersey and swimsuit will also make their appearance as her alternate outfits it seems, with high possibility as separate purchase…

Next on the line is Saber Nero, otanoshimi~! XDc

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