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Fateful Bridal Saber

Pre-order for Fate/Extra CCC is upped, just as the news comes out a couple of nights ago! :0

Retailed at 9,980 yen, the next installment of Fate/Extra dungeon-ing JRPG will descent to you on Spring next Earth cycle!

From the screenies we got thus far, one can deduce the game will be set upon the same Moon Cell world of SE.RA.PH, just as the previous Fate/Extra is…

However, you can choose from a new selection of Servants this time, including Saber Nero in her alternate Saber Bride costume, Sakuraider and a CastKitsune-esque mysterious girl…

Saber Nero making a come back surprises me… I wonder if we’ll see CastKitsune again? :3c

Larger piccies of them new (And revamped) Servants… Choose your DESTINY! XDc


6 responses

  1. That new Saber was too HAWT!! I don’t think that Saber Bride was the Final Evolution form of Saber Lily? Oh look she can do “BUST” to became HYPER MODE XP

    8th September, 2011 at 19:13

    • Well Saber Nero is already of a higher class in her chest department when compared to her sisters… XDc

      It just happens her Saber Bride form takes cue of this and emphasises the said “property”… >w<

      8th September, 2011 at 19:17

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  4. Okazaki-san

    Character on the right looks like Caster imouto :3

    4th October, 2011 at 02:36

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