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Looks like Figma Kamineko is finally upped for pre-order…

Tama-chan sensed Goshujin-sama has already placed a tractor beam onto Dengekiya in order to secure one white kitten… ^~^

Figma Kamineko “Sei Tenshi Kamineko” Ver.‘s PO starts just today, and will ends in 30th of September… Better get your booking now before it’s too late… XDc

Besides the standard armament of a quad pairs of exchangeable hands, Figma stand x tri jointed arm and Figma bag, looks like Kamineko-chan will come with many, many accessories: front hair piece with mask, a couple of alternate faces (Dere dere and eyes-wide-shut), a basket of bento, a handbag, a couple of Destiny Report (Open and close… DESTINY~! XDc), seal stickers for Destiny Report and finally a replacement bust piece…

As Kamineko is a Dengekiya Online Shop exclusive, you can only place order on the site itself… Deputy/Proxy service is a must for us overseas collectors… >w<

It’ll be a very long wait as she’ll only descent to your den on February the next Earth cycle!


2 responses

  1. She4’s better look cool than the black one…heck i say too much new release figma & now i say GSC is Evil…

    both Bandai & GSC are Evil…. joke XD

    11th August, 2011 at 06:03

    • Limiteds are the Ebil! ^~^

      11th August, 2011 at 07:11

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