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Extra Screenies x Comicalisation of Fate

Aksys Games last announced their resolution to release a North America English localisation of the fan fave dungeon JRPG Fate/Extra during Anime eXpo 2011, but has yet to properly decide the actual release date itself…

However, they did released several in-game screenshots of the product, suggesting that the localisation is close to completion…

Not to mention they did said the localisation was actually started since December last Earth cycle! :D

On another note, Amazon has already listed Fate/Extra‘s release date as 18th of October later the Earth cycle…

However according to reliable source from those who attended Aksys Games’ panel during AX2011, the actual date might be on December instead!

And apparently the limited edition of the game DOESN’T come with any Figma like its Japanese counterpart… orz

Zannen… Am kinda hoping for a Figma Tama-chan… >w< But still… Doki doki waku waku suru~! ^~^

On the other hand, Fate/Extra Comicalise has begun~!

Currently serialised in the Comtiq gaming magazine, 4 chapters has already been released since May with its first tankoubon slated to release in late September…

The manga is penned by the doujin circle Robiina who does great arts of Saber Extra and many other well-known anime/manga charas like Erio (Denpa Onna) and Charlotte (.IS. Infinite Stratos)… ^_~

You can have a look at their sample prologue of the Fate/Extra manga, a whopping 30+ pages of them, which chronicles the early part of the game featuring the tournament battle between MC-san x Saber Extra against Shinji x Rider…

Note: The manga I obtained is a Chinese scanlation so you’ll need to know the language to be able to read it… XDc

Too bad Fate/Extra Comicalise centres on Saber’s route… Would love to see Caster’s route too~ XDc


7 responses

  1. I don’t care about the release date..However….it’s really official & look some Fate/stay fans from US & some “who dunno about Japanese words” so anyone grab that game….

    Feel sad i need some extra replacement part on my Pink PSP. ^III^

    9th August, 2011 at 21:38

  2. Owh!! English version! Buy me PSP :P

    9th August, 2011 at 22:16

  3. Just not so serious damage about my PSP…i snap my “L” button due to…Over exaggerated full playing about QGSC… anyway bout that game, it has a free Red Saber figma in US?

    10th August, 2011 at 06:40

    • Apparently not, according to comrade lightningsabre whom visited their panel during AX2011 and asked them about it…

      10th August, 2011 at 06:49

  4. Okazaki-san

    Darn,I would’ve probably went for the limited edition if the figma was included too.

    4th October, 2011 at 01:10

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