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Shadow Assassin Androidmeda

Thanks to the armed intervention by comrade Kxela and Spartan Gix85, Goshujin-sama managed to nab one of them limiteds from the recent WonFes!

Figma Aegis Heavy Arms Ver. hails from the enhanced version of PS2’s super popular JRPG, Persona 3 Fes, and is variant of Figma Aegis released some while ago…

Once again Tama-chan gonna do the honour of unwrapping the package in Goshujin-sama’s stead… :3c

Before the unboxing ceremony, let’s have a look at the package and box art design…

Basically, overall package is pretty much the same as the original version, with the exception of a monochrome finish with cyan hue…

…as well as the lack of product images at the rear end of the box!

Wow, GSC’s getting lazier these days? ^^; Anyways, Tama-chan gonna release Aegis outta her plastic prison now… :3c

Here’s Aegis in her full glory… Those lovely curves all around her is begging Tama-chan for a bite… /Drools

HA (Heavy Arms) Aegis is pretty much identical to her original copy, with the exception of several major components located all around her body…

The most notable addition is probably her armoured vest, fully equipped with many bullet shells and pouches for keeping ammunition…

Next is her helmet-esque uni visor that makes her kinda resembles the Robocop… >w<

Docked up behind her back is a couple of heat sink/powered engine thingie that boosts her overall power output…

As for her accessories, HA Aegis comes with her signature S.E.E.S. armband…

…her exchangeable hair piece x uni visor to show it in an alternate position…

…that aside, firing effect parts for her finger machine-guns(which is kinda loose as they’re attached onto her tiny robotic fingers) are included as well…

…and the jewel of whole package—the arm-mounted Blast Cannon…

Of course there are a couple of exchangeable faces (New expressions not available to the original) for Aegis too!

Besides the shown accessories, HA Aegis also comes with the standard Figma Stand x Jointed Posing Arms, 4 pairs of extra hands (Similar to the original Aegis’s) and a Figma Bag…

Together with her original self! Compare to the vanilla Aegis, Tama-chan prefers the newer HA version of the androidmeda… ^~^

Before ending this review, Tama-chan presents to you a 4koma omake! XDc

Time for the verdict: Tama-chan giving this Figma an 8 outta 9 tails due to its unimaginative box art! :P


7 responses

  1. wow..congrats on getting that HA Aeigis Figma…I really feel mad at my country & that my favorite hobby shop..that authentic F.H.A Aegis is really twice as the original price + 12% shipping VAT… somehow i want to get the original Aegis in time comes ^W^

    6th August, 2011 at 23:43

    • All thanks to the comrades in Japan who helped me with this… ^_~ You know who you are…

      6th August, 2011 at 23:54

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  3. Hmm… Kinda want that Aegis now even though I know nothing of Persona XD

    And lol! Misaka Imouto prefer Kuroko X Mikoto instead!

    7th August, 2011 at 02:30

    • …and that’s my version of the daki yuriism I stole from you… XDc

      7th August, 2011 at 08:29

  4. Nice get, wish I had money this year to buy figures, lol cos I’d want the new Aegis she looks great :)

    7th August, 2011 at 08:14

    • Aye! She really is a beauty~ <3

      7th August, 2011 at 08:28

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