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To Upgrade a Kitsune…

The Party of Dreamy Dollfies have come and gone, leaving those not able to attend the event scavenging the notorious Y!JA for scraps of the limiteds offered at the party, all at an inflated blood sucking amounts…

But fear not tho as Volks will always open the sales of these limiteds to overseas DD Meisters and InnovaDDoes alike, with this round start at the 20th until 21st of this moon~!

Tama-chan has been lookin’ forward to this moment, as Goshujin-sama promised to upgrade Tama-chan’s manipulator system which will allow Tama-chan a wider range of movements around the elbow joints! >w<

Of course Goshujin-sama has done some research prior to the decision… ^_~

As illustrated by a fellow InnovaDDo just like Goshujin-sama, the DDS arms are compatible with the original DDII base body system…

As seen here: Left arm  = DDS, Right arm = DDII…

Tama-chan can’t wait to finally receive the promised enhancement… ^w^

3 responses

  1. Moving on to DDS body?

    7th August, 2011 at 10:52

    • Just the arms… ^_~

      7th August, 2011 at 11:24

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