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An EXTRAordinary Anniversary!

It’s been a full Earth cycle since the release of the awesomeness that is PSP RPG — Fate/Extra!

Happy 1st anniversary to all comrades and fans alike! XDc

Lookin’ back, I wasn’t quite a Nasutard before the the PSP game itself, in fact I find Fate/Stay Night (The original and the first Nasuverse title preached by all Nasutard alike…) anime a bit below my expectation… orz

But all that changed when I discovered a certain foxy Caster of which I can choose as my Servant in the PSP game… ^_~ I. Am. Charmed!

Almost everything revolves around this Caster Extra-chan after that!! ^^;

I just had to had my Aria-chan ITAtoo’ed with an image of the foxy miko herself…

…meanwhile recorded a clip of her deredere-ness during my re-play-thru of the game itself…

…then proceed to acquire a T-Shirt bearing her likeness…

…all in just half an Earth cycle! ^^;

I was so… intoxicated that after AFAX I even decided to begin my very own customised DD project — Unlimited Installment Works

While this Noble Phantasm is in effect, I find myself slipped further and further into the Darker Side with each succession of furry temptations…

…moments later I scored myself an animangazine prized with a special chibi Fate/Extra gekijou mini anime DVD

…all in the while fighting the temptation to get the Fanbook + a trio volumes of the official 4koma but the hefty shipping chased me off (Luckily)…

…and a naughty chibi CastFox-chan joined the Fellowship of the Bed while I wasn’t lookin’…

…until the announcement of the official English adaptation of the PSP game…

…and a scaled figure of her foxiness too!

And finally after all these side quests… Tama-chan is finally completed!

Whew, such a fine year full of furry kitsunemimi… XDc Looks like my foxy days won’t end anytime soon… ^^;

Anyways, once again — Happy 1st Fate/Extra Anniversary! ^w^


7 responses

  1. Happy 1st Fate/Extra Anniversary!

    4th August, 2011 at 20:52

    • Muahaha!

      /Blows candles

      Have some keeki! XDc

      4th August, 2011 at 20:56

  2. Happy Anniversary! ^^

    4th August, 2011 at 23:03

  3. Happy first Anniversary Fate/Extra and to my fluffy Kitsu Caster friend :P *tickles ears*

    5th August, 2011 at 00:15

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